Playtime in PJ's


More Ribs Please

The little man is a food eating machine, he can eat is mom under the table at most dinners. Saturday night he enjoyed his first set of ribs, as you can tell from the picture - I think he liked dinner.

Sugar and Spice

Welcome to the world Ava Grace Luecker.
Robyn's long time friend Adrienne, was blessed with the second addition to their family late Friday night (9/28). The beautiful baby girl made her presence a few weeks earlier than planned, but as always, this is a gift that is always welcomed into the world.
I may be biased, but she is one of the most beautiful little girls I have seen.
Robyn spent part of the afternoon with her on Saturday, and she had goose bumps from the memories that the hospital brought back.

Looking forward to watching Ava grow and become one of Jax's friends in the coming years.

Congratulations Kostas, Adrienne and Little Kostas.

Here's Looking at You Kid

The time has come.

The little man now gets to sit like a man, and face the world as it comes his way, no longer looking at the world in reverse.

We were finally able to go get a new front-facing car seat and turn the kid around. The view for us is better as well, now when we look in our rear-view mirror we get to see his smiling face instead of the back of his head.

Saturday Morning Special Please

It's not often that we have no plans for Saturday, but this weekend just happened to be one of those Saturday's. And, it never fails, by 6:ooam (yes, your reading that right) the entire family was awake and ready to get the day started. Not sure if it is Murphy's Law that wouldn't let us sleep in on a day of no honey-to-do's or any previous engagements, but we figured we would take advantage and not waste any daylight.

We loaded up the car and headed to Southern Recipes Grill, a great little eatery that we stumbled across a few weeks back in north Arlington. After finishing off a plate full of eggs, ham, hashbrowns, and a side of black coffee we loaded up for a long walk at River Legacy Park.

The sun was bright and the trail was all clear. We took after Forest Gump, and we started running (actually we walked) and just kept going. We spent a good part of the late morning hours wondering through the miles of trails that give you the opportunity to see some very nice scenery that you typically wouldn't expect in the middle of the hustle-and-bustle of city life.

A Walk to Remember

Momma and Jax headed to my alma mater, University of Texas at Arlington, on Saturday with a group from her work for a walk to benefit Alzheimer's, while daddy-o headed to White Rock Lake for a 20k in his training for the big marathon on November 18.

You guys were with me every step of the way and help to inspire me to complete what I started. I wish I could have been with you guys, but momma did her due diligence and snapped some great shots of the little man enjoying the sunshine and the free balloon. I heard nothing but great comments about the little man; how sweet he was, how well behaved he was, and how much he enjoyed walking for a great cause. Thanks for looking out for your mom for me. You the man.

Samson's Strength

With the mullet in full "party" mode, we finally broke down and attempted to cut Jaxson's hair. You noticed I said attempted, because cutting a one-year old's hair is about as easy as "Pinning the Tail on the Donkey" after a 12-pack of Buds and a game of twister. It ain't easy.

As soon as we managed to wrangle his arms down and stabled his head in a still position, for some reason he got curious why we had some sharp shiny objects so close to his head. I would like my son to have two ears when he grows up.

I don't think his strength is in his hair like Samson's, but you would have thought that we trying to take his ice cream away from him. Between all the motion and the crying, we managed to get about three cuts to the back of his head, and a straight line across the front. Not what I would call a "successful" haircut - but it is a start.

I think we will leave it up to the professionals next time.

Feeding Fred Style

Texas is not only a state, it is a state of mind. Being Texan is something I cherish and I am honored that my little man can say he is a Texan for years to come. The best thing about Texas, and Fort Worth, is the great mixture we have of cultures and people. We are far from boots and spurs, but at the same time, we all want to be cowboys and ride off into the sunset when the time comes.

Tonight we met the Sumpter's for dinner at Fred's Cafe, a true gem in a city of jewels. With beer as cold as it can be, and burgers that rival any for four counties - Fred's is more than a place to eat, is an experience. The guys working are some of the most genuine people you will meet. They are who they are and they enjoy it.

With an old high-chair that I am sure has seen better days and has obviously seen some great nights, little Jax seemed at home with Walt and Mark - the two gentlemen that took care of us for the evening. Mark sat and talk to Jaxson, and they talked like they were long lost friends.

After dinner, the five of us headed to ColdStone Creamery for some ice cream to finish off the night. With the Fort Worth skyline in the background a beautiful evening above our heads, the Bambino hunkered down between the ladies and enjoyed a little bit of everyone's cold treats.

Let the Fun Begin

In my family, nobody gets a birthday, we get a birthweek. Who wants to celebrate a birthday for just one day, when there are seven days in a week?

To start the week off right, Jaxson had his first official birthday celebration on Saturday with our closest friends and dearest family members. The little man is learning early how to party with the best of them. Overwhelmed with love, affection, and friendship; the little guy was the best kid and enjoyed every second of the day - almost as much as his proud parents did.

Uncle Michael and Auntie Kristen "surprised" (mommy and daddy knew) Jaxson by showing up late Thursday night from Maryland. A gift that kept giving and giving as the weekend progressed. A huge thank you to Mimi and Papi for hosting the party and letting everyone into their house and pool for the afternoon.

The cake stood little chance against the mouth of Jax. I don't think I have ever seen a kid swallow as much icing as he did, and not go into some type of multi-dimensional sugar high. He remained his cool and collective self. Thank you once again to Boo and Pops for the Curious George cake - the little man is still talking about how cool it was.

We were humbled by the group that showed up and the love you showed our family; and we want to express our deepest and most sincere thank you's to all who took part in the day in any way, shape or form. Without each one of you, we would be lost. We love you all and thank you once again.

The cake before the massacre.

Boo and Mimi hanging with the special guest.

Sawyer was practicing his balloon animal tricks with Jax - they may go to Vegas and start a show.

Our sweet neighbor Katie.

A view from the throne.

This is a scary scene. I invision a cop car being turned over one day outside Fenway Park as the Rangers beat the BoSox in game seven. Beckett vents his frustration out on Jaxson and his new ride.

The sugar high begins.

Jaxson and Pops enjoy an early fall afternoon.

Josh showing his prize find. A doodlebug.

Not sure who enjoyed opening the gifts more - Robyn or Jaxson

Our little man as he prepares to drive away off into the sunset like all cowboys do.

Soup Kitchen Line - The Documentary

Another hard hitting, real-life documentary from the director of Jaxson - Hands and Knees, Sour Side - The Life and Times of a Lemon Addict, and TrueLife - I'm a Circus Clown.

Life With Twins.

For any parent who has had multiple children, i.e. twins, triplets, etc.; I have a new found love, respect, and admiration for you.

Beckett joined the Wheat's on Tuesday night while his momma and daddy attended a function at school. Though it was mere two hours, this small slice of "twin cake" made me appreciate parents of multiple children. Not that the situation was overwhelming at all, but with one kiddo a walking machine and the other a crawling force that must be reckoned with, Robyn and I were definitely on our toes that evening.
Teamwork is crucial. For dinner, Robyn began the Wheat Soup Kitchen with both mouths wanting attention; however, we soon figured out that if we divide and conquer we can make both monkeys happy at one time. Of course, neither was happy with what was on their servers plate, so the table dance from one plate to another kept the adults entertained. Who would have thought, dinner and a show for free. I love kids.
After a dinner like that, the bathtub was the next feasible location for the guys. Not sure if it was the awkwardness of the two "men" in the tub at once, or just the unfamiliar surroundings, but Beckett wasn't nearly into the water time as much as our men Jax. Maybe he was just being polite and didn't want to disturb the king's toys, but Beckett really just sat back and let Jaxson have all the fun while he watch with curiosity (or disbelief) while Jax went to town.

As you all know, even the great ones must rest. And rest these little guys did. After playing hard, a good dinner, and a warm bath - Jax and Beckett crashed pretty hard at about the same time. Robyn took Jax, while Beckett and I claimed our spot on the coach.
Not much in the world compares to the feeling of your or your friend's child falling asleep on your chest. The trust and bond that they have for you makes all of your days troubles, fears, and heartaches melt away. The innocence of a child's touch and warmth while they sleep is a feeling that is truly one that can not be put into words.
We thoroughly enjoyed spending the evening with you Beckett, and you are welcome anytime - you know our front door is wide open for you. Enjoy your birthday week and have some more cake tonight.