Rain, Rain On My Head

When you're already wet and soggy, a little summer afternoon shower isn't too much to bring you down.

The sudden burst of high winds; now that was interesting...


Not That Pebble Beach

As a life long golfer and lover of the sport, I always dreamed of going to Pebble Beach.

Not what I was expecting, but I'll take it.

Wet & Wild Connections

Funny how people's paths cross when decisions are made in life.

When Robyn and I decided to host Mark for the summer, I was completely unaware about how many different organizations do similar programs in and around Frederick.

The church we typically attend (not the one that the ABRO program with Mark is connected too) found out about what we were doing and also learned that a few other families within the congregation were doing similar programs for the summer.

One of the elders, with whom I had know but never really had a chance to connect with, invited all the families over to swim, cook-out, and enjoy each other's company and fellowship.

Though each family has it separate struggles and challenges, it's always nice to connect with someone that is going through some of the same experiences you are.


I MUST buy one of these water balloon launchers...

Ocean Side Family Moment


First Timer Was All-In

For someone whom had never seen a grab, much less the beach, Mark was all about our crab-night while at the beach.

The boy easily cracked, shelled, and ate 4-5 grabs by himself.

Good thing he wasn't allergic to shellfish - since we didn't even ask him until after we were done with dinner...

She's Excited For The Beach...


July 4th Beach Week

Annual journey to the eastern shore beaches of Delaware...