In Defense of Men Everywhere


Flying Nun, Eat Your Heart Out.

That lady with the crazy hat has nothing on this kid.  

Justin was testing the flight patterns at Forest Park over the weekend.  

Note:  To any CPS officers, he never actually went airborne between Tiffany and Justin.

Just Couldn't Make It Home

Rough day of playing was not easy on his little body.  Add that, plus a car seat that sits straight up and you get a bona-fide 'Momma-Pillow,' compliments of well, mom.

Dear Daddy,

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Daddy,
Happy Birthday to you!

I love you so, so much! Thank you for being the BESTEST Dad in the whole wide world! Enjoyed breakfast! See you tonight!


Love, Jax (and Momma)

Jaxson vs. Beckett 2008 - Round One

Just a friendly gentlmen's rivalry between two great baseball franchises. One, obviously is the local favorite - my Texas Rangers - which is Jaxson's team, and the other is some team based out of Boston that Beckett and his papa cheer for, known as the Red Sox.

Interesting to see how this one plays out over the 2008 season.
Here We Rangers, Here We Go!!!

Traffic Jam


Family Time - Texas Style

With spring in full gear, that means one thing in Texas...spring thunderstorms.

Not a bad way to end the day, wathcing the storms pass.

So Long, Farewell, Until We Meet Again.

Good luck to the Luecker family. Next week they are headed off to Portland, Oregon to start a new chapter in their life. The Wheat family wishes nothing but the best and we send our love and support. Hopefully we will be up sooner than later to visit.

One final shot of Jaxson with his friends.

We love you guys and have fun.

Initial Photo Shoot

He figured out the shiny button on the camera will give him a nice picture to look at on the display screen. Maybe it is the bright flash that keeps his attention. Either way, this was the kids first go around with the photography world.

Not bad. A little abstract perhaps. Maybe he can fine tune his skills this weekend at the Main Street Arts Festival, we will have to wait and see.

Counter Munchies

Is that a kid on the counter eating Cheetos like a dog?
Where are those child's parents?

Sometimes you just have to get down and dirty, especially with Cheetos.

Good Morning.

Jax -

This morning, as I was about to walk out the door and head for the office, I was hoping I would get to see you awake before I started my day. As I walked past your room, headed towards the bedroom to give your momma a kiss good-bye, I heard your typical morning grunts coming from your room. I peaked into the darkness and all I could see was your bed-head peaking up over the top of the railing.

I scooped you up, gave you a kiss good morning, and asked how your sleep was. Your quickly responded with "Dadda," and then looked right at me.

Thank you. That made my day before my day had even begun.

Enjoy the day with momma, see you this afternoon.


Chalk Art

Before crayons can enter the picture, we must first pass the sidewalk chalk challenge.

The concept is no problem, he's got that part down, now we need to focus on actually making shapes. The group of squares is daddy's work. Trying to teach the kid some early sketching and conceptual drawing techniques.

An artist's hands are marked by his tools.

I'll Be Your Craw-Daddy

He's not ready for them yet. Just a few more years.

Entering The Land Of Bounce


He's A Natural.

No Oreo tutorial needed for this kid. He simply grabs the Oreo, twist (leaving most of the creamy filling on one of the cookies - like a champ), then pops the good side in his mouth. Leaving the side without the frosting for the birds.

Some things just make a daddy proud.

Oh Bartista, We Need Some Ice

He was so excited going for his chocolate milk, he forgot to see what was under his feet. Under his feet was a bag, in front of him was a table.

They met.

You tell me who you think won that battle.

Coffee Talk


No Starbucks Here

Downtown Arlington, Coffee Haus. Small, quiet, nice design, and not a Starbucks - perfect spot to kill an hour before bed time on a Friday evening.

He May Need Some Bean-O


Making His Break


Monkey Juice

You could almost see the light bulb actually turn on over Robyn's head.

A few bananas on the counter that are close to the end of their life cycle. A blender that gets used occasionally on Cinco-de-Mayo and July 4th to make beverages, cubes of ice, and some good old fashion milk.

Mix that all together, and you get Monkey Juice.

Not sure which was better. The Juice or watching momma get feed by Jax. It wasn't the cleanest of exchanges, but he enjoyed it.