Is the Sandman ready?? We Are. I think.

Paint walls - Check

Paint and hang stars - Check

Fill room with toys he may never play with - Check

Constantly take stuffed animals out of Harley's mouth - Check

Make the room look cute, even tough all you really need is love - Check

I can offically say, Robyn and I are ready (or at least the room is) for Jaxson to make his presence be known in the world. Our home truly feels like a home now. That warm fuzzy feeling goes through my body each time I step into his room. Robyn and I finally wrapped up Jaxson's room last night. The last piece of furniture we were searching for was assembled and put into place last night. Anticipation only grows ten-fold every day.

Best part about last night, waking up this morning and flipping on the light switch in his room, to give it one last fatherly look over. Nothing but the best for my little bambino.

Just waiting on you kiddo.........................

Have You Seen My Basketball?

37-1/2 weeks Prego.

My wife is going to kill me.

She is even more beautiful than the day we first met, even though you can't see her face, she is glowing. I promise.

Blogging from the Womb.

Welcome to Jaxson's blog, he can't write, or even talk for that matter; hell, he isn't even born yet, but he has his own blog.

I will try and update this page on a bi-weekly basis, to keep everyone up to date. Also, any cool gear, gadgets, or toys relating to kiddo's in any fashion that I find intersting, I will post some links to those as well.

This is the easiest way to track his growth and allow people from everywhere to see the latest and greatest.

Enjoy and comment as ofter as you wish.

Happy Blogging.........