How To Spell P-R-O-U-D

When your kid succeeds, you feel as though you as a parent can add a notch into your success tree.  

With the Bambino headed into first grade this year, he knows he has to step up his game and keep focused.

On open house night at school, his teacher mentioned that every Friday they will have spelling test; needless to say his eyes showed more worry than excitement.

After being at the beach for five days, we Jaxson and Robbie did some last minute cramming and focused on the task at hand.

I think he did alright for his first test...

Beach Treats

Kids have their treats, adults have is all about perspective.


The Beach Crew

Not enough "Thank You's" can be said to our dear friends for asking us to tag along for part of THEIR vacation and a beach house at Bethany Beach, Delaware.

Thank you once again Todd, Lauren, Syler, and my main man Davis.

Working On Vacation

Moments happen while on vacation.  Moments that you as a parent will remember as a beautiful moment in time - while the kids will simply remember it as just another trip to the beach.

These moments can be beautiful, but damn, they can also wear you down and make you question your sanity.

Taking kids on vacation can be more of a job than a vacation.  Ample crying, constant "He/She did this...", keeping track of all four on a beach of lots of times it felt as though we were trying to herd cats rather than enjoying the moment.

As much work as it can seem like, it's hard to argue a better "job" to have then being a parent.

Takes A Village...

The most happening corner in all of Frederick County this morning had to be our little corner of the world.  Due to the combining of a few of the neighborhood bus stops, I wasn't sure if a block party had broken out of ecstatic sad parents or what...

And no, the cops were not called out to contain the madness, he is simply one of our neighbors.  However, it would have been a hell of a lot cooler if the cops were called.

A Wee One No More

He is no longer one the "little guys" at the school.  The Bambino is now an official 1st Grader.

Since he was fully dressed and practicing tying his shoes at 6:45 this morning, I think he was a little excited.

Loop Through The Bunny Hole

First attempt at teaching/learning the art of tying a shoe; a second lesson will be needed.

Fruit From The Harvest

Our first attempt at a garden showed it's first viable results; one cucumber.

Annapolis Day Trip

After 2+ years of living in Maryland, I finally made it to Annapolis.

Being the state capital, home of the Naval Academy - as well as being a gateway to the beaches of the eastern shores of Maryland - Annapolis is a stunning little town with history around every corner and crabs on every other corner.

With some family in town, we could find a better reason for a short bay cruise then dinner at Cantler's Riverside Inn...the greatest little waterfront crab joint around.

Close To Heaven...


Real Kisses in a Hershey Kiss

From the top of the world on the Hershey Tower at Hershey Park in Hershey, PA