Friday Night Pumpkins


Children of the Corn

A corn maze at 9pm on a Friday night is a weird place to be.

Side By Side

The Bradley Open is a golf tournament organized and hosted by a family friend in the Frederick area every year.  It's an incredible tournament that Jaxson has joined me at a few times.  This year was extra special due to Boo & Pops being in town and that my dad was able to join the team.

Growing up, I was the lone golfer in the family.  Spent countless hours walking golf courses by myself and loved every minute of it; however, having your son and your dad by your side on a foggy autumn morning on one of the most beautiful courses in the area is tough to beat...

Seeing this just makes me smile inside...

Dancing Partners


Tiny Dancer


The Great Eight.

Eight freaking years.

My mini-me has turned the "Great 8" today.

The last eight years have absolutely flown by.

He's been my wing-man, my right hand man, my golfing buddy, my boy, my source of anger, my source of explainable happiness, my life, my first born, and my drinking buddy (root beer of course - for him, not me).

He's been my everything and I couldn't have asked for a better kid.

Happy Birthday Buddy; we love you!

In Good Hands


School Belle

No one told me what an emotional roller coaster being a parent would be; even if they did, I would never had imagined how big of a coaster it would be.

You watch the kids grow.  Your happy and sad when they hit milestones; the personal pride from watching them succeed - even with the smallest of accomplishments - makes everyday worth it.

You spend days frustrated when they won't leave you alone and you can't wait to send them to (or back) to school so that your routine and sanity can return; and then, they go off to school and all you want to do is give them one more hug.

So proud of my Moons for heading off to kindergarten.  Not scared one bit.  Anxious to get started and conquer the world.

Back to School, Back to School...


Grateful For This

The kiddo's in this picture don't realize it yet, but this is a picture that words can't express how grateful I am to have.

Thank you Boo & Pops for making some incredible memories for these kids and for all of us.

Disney's Candid Moments


Character Meetings


Florida Beach Day Trip

Our quick day trip to the beaches of Florida was a long day, but worth it.  Pancakes at Sugar Mill State Park, followed by a quick dip in a spring fed natural pool, then east to New Smyrna Beach for a day lounging a doing a lot of nothing...

Once In A Lifetime

A week after returning home from Disney, I am still in shock and humbled how amazing the trip was.

Boo and Pops stepped up their game to a new level and made this family trip a true once in a lifetime experience.

From the Disney parks, to the resort we stayed at, to the day trip to the beach, to just being together for the was incredible.  From a parental stand point, I know my kids don't comprehend what they were able to experience, but someday they will be able to look back and smile at the week we had together.

Rain, Rain On My Head

When you're already wet and soggy, a little summer afternoon shower isn't too much to bring you down.

The sudden burst of high winds; now that was interesting...


Not That Pebble Beach

As a life long golfer and lover of the sport, I always dreamed of going to Pebble Beach.

Not what I was expecting, but I'll take it.

Wet & Wild Connections

Funny how people's paths cross when decisions are made in life.

When Robyn and I decided to host Mark for the summer, I was completely unaware about how many different organizations do similar programs in and around Frederick.

The church we typically attend (not the one that the ABRO program with Mark is connected too) found out about what we were doing and also learned that a few other families within the congregation were doing similar programs for the summer.

One of the elders, with whom I had know but never really had a chance to connect with, invited all the families over to swim, cook-out, and enjoy each other's company and fellowship.

Though each family has it separate struggles and challenges, it's always nice to connect with someone that is going through some of the same experiences you are.


I MUST buy one of these water balloon launchers...

Ocean Side Family Moment


First Timer Was All-In

For someone whom had never seen a grab, much less the beach, Mark was all about our crab-night while at the beach.

The boy easily cracked, shelled, and ate 4-5 grabs by himself.

Good thing he wasn't allergic to shellfish - since we didn't even ask him until after we were done with dinner...