O' Christmas Tree...


Thanksgiving 2015


They're Back...

Elvis has returned for yet another year, and brought his sister Apple-Joy...

Citizen Frederick Barber Shop

To me, nothing is better than local business.  They are always cooler, more personal, and just all around better than chains of any sort.

I go out of my way to try and use local shops as much as possible.  My barber is just that.

Citizen Frederick Barber Shop may be the greatest barber shop ever.  Free beer and coffee; and, some cool chill music playing.  All set up in an old dance studio overlooking downtown Frederick.  The tables and chairs are older than old - but that's what makes them cooler than cool.

Took the boy there for the first time today with me; he approved.

Digital Full Circle

Almost ten years, and 1,900 blog post later, the digital world has come almost full circle - I saw almost because it hasn't closed.

Through the wonders of pod-casting, social media, and good ol' fashion books, I ran into the Good Dad Project.  It's a community of fathers that share their experiences (good and bad) and have conversations about fatherhood and the life that comes with it.

Larry, the founder of The Good Dad Project, reached out to his followers on Facebook asking for submissions for a guest blogger - so naturally I jumped on that.  After a edits and revisions, the blog post went live and I have become a guest blogger for The Good Dad Project.

Who knows where the lead will go from here, but I do know that it has relit the fire inside me to write and expand my personal brand and Crayons & Keyboards...let's see where we can go with this.

Halloween 2015

Not one of our better costumes...the wife and I will need to step it up next year.