Sleep Where They Fall

She was headed for the Playtime! book on the end table, but never made it; however, when she woke up she continued her journey by nabbing the book, reading a few pages and then calling it a day once again.

Rough life.

Line 'Em Up Boys


Pin Kings & Queens

First time for both kiddos at the bowling alley; sadly, their father is not a professional bowler - not even close.

The Bambino, however, could see a future in bowling. For his first time, pretty good. Did better without the roller-assister than with.

Laid Out and Low Key


Is It Beach Weather Yet?

According to Bambino it is beach time and he is ready to go.

He's got the hat and flip-flops ready to go, but I think we may need to change his "shorts." However, he is probably the only guy that could pull off a Transformers under-roos and get away with it.
And what is up with the "old grumpy man" pose?

She Is One Those "Bloggers" Now

The wifey has started her own blog to highlight crafts and to-do's with kids, general knowledge sharing of all things parenting/kid related, and even some completely useless factoids on occasion.

Reaching Out To Help

Technology and the internet can sometimes be a very cold and sterile environment where the feelings and personality of an individual or family's story can not be truly shared; the black and white text can separate you from the harsh realities of the real world.

However, sometimes reading words from a screen can affect you deeply and in a manner that forces you to do something.

While scrolling through one of the daily blogs I read, this one in particular, I came across a story of a family that moved me to take action.

A family in Oklahoma lost their three-year old son to a medical condition, and needless to say they are having a very hard time dealing with the situation and are having financial issues that are far beyond their reaches. So, I decided to post their story and a link to help on blog. If you can help in any manner, do it. Bad things sometimes happen to very good people.

I will do my part to help what I can. Every bit helps.

Rickshaw Express

Maybe he can start a neighborhood rickshaw business and start bringing home the bacon for us. Anyone need a ride; he's cheap.

Up To Our Elbows In Popcorn

Momma whipped up a small snack for us...we almost finished it. Had to save some for after dinner.

Let Them Be Free So They Can Grow

Parenting is an ongoing internal battle. You must balance what to teach kids and what they need to learn for themselves so they can grow confidence and learn through life experiences. No parent is perfect and we are all constantly reminding ourselves that we must let them grow.

On this note, I just finished reading Free-Range Kids by Lenore Skenazy and I highly recommend to all parents, grandparents, teachers, care-takers, and also to those without children. It is an eye opening book that compares how past generations have been brought up and how we have managed to turn into a worry driven society that has slowly taken away kids freedom.

What if he gets hurt? What if they get in trouble? What if, what if, what if...

This book showed be I was doing many things in the same manner as the author that are good for my kids; but, also made me realize I could do much more to help my kids become more independent and more confident - let them become them. With independence comes self gratitude, self esteem, and self confidence. These can not be taught.

Some of authors actions are extreme, but she is trying to make a point. Let your kids make mistakes in order to learn. Independent play and play with other kids will not only inspire creativity but will set a foundation for them to be independent and leaders.

Let kids be kids.