Who Me? What Did I Do?

Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice; boys are made to get in trouble....

Isn't that how it goes?

Boys are biologically made to get into trouble, get dirty, and learn lessons the hard way. I don't know if that is God's way of reminding us not to eat the apple, but that is how we roll. We get into trouble, that's what we do.

Aunt Tiffany and soon-to-be-Uncle-Justin stopped in this weekend to visit the little one. They brought us a bag of goodies, thank you again, including some Curious George swag. I am huge fan of Curious George, not sure if it is his mischievous behaviors he possesses like me or the overall life lessons taught in his books that draw my attention; but never the less, a classic set of books for any young buck to own.

They even included a CD version of one of the books with sounds that tell you when to turn the page - this will come in handy at 3:30 in the morning when I am in full diaper changing,bottle feeding, lullaby humming mode with drool running out the side of my mouth.

Thank you once again.

Life is Tough as a Celebrity


Damn papparazzi.

Anything But a Swirly

I know it is a right of passage into manhood, but wait until he has more hair than a ball of lint out of my pocket.

Jaxson got to meet Uncle Casey this weekend for the first time. Casey is a true kid at heart, and one of the most genuine people I know. I have seen him around kids before and it comes natural to him. Seeing the two new uncles (Michael and Casey) together for the first time in a while, and both just full of love and care towards Jaxson, really makes a poppa feel good.

I am sure there will be many football games and ping-pong games in the future; but please, hold off on the swirly until he is at least a year old.

(For those that don't know what a swirly is - go ask any high school freshman, they'll know.)

5 Things a New Parent MUST Own.

2-1/2 weeks into parenthood, and a lifetime of lessons already learned.

In these past two weeks I have learned a few things; mainly I have managed to comprise a list of 5 items that all new parents must own in order to survive becoming a new parent. List is as follows:

1) Swaddle-Me Blankets: These are an absolute must for the first week. Nurses have specialized training at Area 51 that teaches them how to wrap newborns with regular hospital blankets without the kiddos pulling a Harry Houdini like move and escaping to freedom. There are a few different variations and styles - but no matter the color or style - these are a MUST.

2) Car Seat: You may be saying, "Duh, how else would you get them home?" But this is not for transportation purposes. The car seat is actually the best place to get your newborn to sleep. Not sure why they like them so much, maybe they feel as though they are back in the womb or on a beach somewhere in a hammock, but it is definitely a place they feel secure enough to sleep in.

3) Pee-Pee Tee-Pee: Personally, I never used one - for the simple fact that you aren't thinking about that at the time you are trying to juggle a diaper, a baby wipe, a gas mask, butt creme, the booger-sucking thingy, and the alcohol to put on their umbilical cord. But, after having received two "golden-showers" from the little bambino..it is at least worth mentioning. (I have had advice from other fathers to just throw an extra baby-wipe on "it," again - this is a matter of good timing. Practice makes perfect.)

4) Coffee Maker: This one is for the new daddies. At three in the morning, while trying to not fall asleep standing up but also trying to be "sweet" and be awake with the new mommy in the house during feeding times, the coffee is essential to help keeping you alert. When momma ask you to jump, your only response should be "How high, dear." All the daddies out there know exactly what I am talking about, and those that don't have probably been banished to the dog house and don't have internet access and are not reading this right now.

5) Super Glue: It is for the eyes-refer to item above for explanation.

Now that I have shared my words of wisdom, the world is a safer place for all babies and parents.

King of the Bathtub


Even the Great Ones must Rest...

Nothing in the world is more peaceful than having a new born sleep on your chest. I have done it with both my niece and my nephew, and now my son. It is the purest of feelings to feel you own child's breath and heartbeat on yours.

Me and the little one spent a weekend of napping and catching up on some much needed "zzzz's." He laughs when he sleeps sometimes, I am curious to know what a 12-day old dreams of. Colors, sounds, feeding time???

Snapshots like this makes you realize what is really important in life.

Jaxson meet Beckett; Beckett meet Jaxson

It has been a moment two new families have been waiting to happen for 10 months. Jaxson and Beckett finally got to meet face-to-face this weekend. The Long family stopped by this weekend to hang out and tell "poop" stories. (To all the men out there that don't have kids yet - one day you will talk about "poop" with someone you never thought you would, it is inevitable).

Having to go through the process of pregnancy and the aftermath that happens after the little one has entered the world, is much easier when you have a close friend. There are many good memories in store for our two families. Having a child is a unique and beautiful experience that is best shared with someone that is experiencing the same day-to-day experiences you are.

These pictures are the first of many. These two young men could possible rule the world one day...just look at the concentration on their faces - stone cold.

If They Get Wet, Do They Multiply?


Well, I know my kid isn't a Gremlin, and that's a good thing.

After a few "baths," actually they are more of a wipe-down, I have come to the conclusion that Jaxson is not a Gremlin. When we got him wet he didn't begin mutating and turning into little green creatures that play the drums and swing from ceiling fans.

The first few "baths" were a little rough, but once we figured out to put a space heater in the bathroom to keep him warm and to angle him towards the mirror so he can stare at himself, this whole "bath" time thing isn't so bad.

However, when he sleeps at night, he does kinda look like an Ewok.............

ewok photo courtesy of flickr.com

gremlin photo courtesy of:

Wrap Him In Love

Nothing beats a nice warm blanket on a cold night, and thanks to Mrs. Pam Sumpter, Jaxson will have one more to snuggle up with if it ever gets cold again in Texas.

Pam is the mother of a very close friend of mine in my younger days, Jacob, whom I have reconnected with through a few degrees of separation; and once again is a dear and close friend. Jacob and his beautiful fiancee Esther are two friends that a young married couple could only wish for - always willing to talk over dinner about work, friends, and life.

Tonight Jacob and Esther stopped by to drop off the blanket that Pam made with much love. She did an incredible job, giving the blanket an old school feel with some vintage modes of transportation and some good vintage colors.

The image of Jaxson and his stats add a heart felt level of personality to the blanket.

Pam: Just in case Jacob forgets to tell you thank you - because he is a guy and we forget things like that - Robyn and I both thank you.

Jaxson's Whirlwind Tour

It has been exactly one week since Robyn and I became parents, and what a week it has been. Some moments are nothing but a blur and other moments I can remember every tiny detail. Truly a memorable week. A big thank you comes from Robyn and I to everyone who has experienced this first week with us, many good times ahead of us.

I now possess the ability to change a diaper in under 30 seconds, something I thought I would never be able to do.

Jaxson has made his rounds and met uncles, aunts, family friends, grandparents, great-grandparents, cousins, and even the dogs...I think they are still trying to figure out what this little "bean" is that everyone keeps holding.

Amazing how much Jaxson has grown in one week. He is beginning to fill-out and his distinct features are showing up. Even an occasional smile will show up, but I think that is from him releasing a little "pressure" - if you know what I mean.

If an experience like this doesn't make you believe in miracles, I don't know what will.

T.O. Has Nothing On Jaxson

All the boys needed was a little help from Jaxson. Dawning his official football watching outfit, Jaxson watched his first Cowboy game last night; and the boys pulled one out for him.

From the looks of this pose, we could be looking at the future quaterback of the Cowboys....

We are allowed to dream aren't we??

Ties that Bind

The family only grows stronger and stronger. My older brother Chad and his little girl Jaycee (aka Booger) and Boo (my mom - instead of grandma we call her Boo), and Mimi (Robyn's mom Denise) - stopped by last night to hang out and meet the little one. I think Booger is becoming a renaissance girl, she is a mere 3-1/2 years old, and she already knows how to multitask. She was really excited to meet Jaxson for the first time. She came through the front door like a beagle on a fox hunt, eyes perked looking for the little one and ready to fill him full of kisses and love. Before Jaxson was born, she was telling her mom that she "really needs Jaxson to get here." She is an adorable little girl that is smart beyond her years.

For the past few years, I have always held Chad's two children and loved them, it was really special last night to see him holding my little bambino. Chad is a truly great father who loves his children more than anything in this world; working for the Child Protective Services (CPS) out of New Braunsfels, it is easy to see that he carries his love for children not only in his family life but also into his professional career. Last night we seemed to have an unspoken understanding between us that I have not felt before. I have always felt like the "little" brother around him (which is not a bad feeling at all), but last night I felt like we finally connected on an different level that was never possible before Jaxson arrived. Many good years ahead - UT football games, hunting trips with Pops (our dad), baseball games, and what ever else may come our way.

Good to see you last night brotha'.

Love Through Jaxson's Eyes.

He must like her.
Look how he just stares at her.

Times Are Changing....

You mean there is a world beyond the walls of my home?

After going through the most incredible experience in my life; I am slowly beginning the process of being a working part of society again. Today is Back to Work Day #1. I am starting off slowly, working one day, taking a few off, then working a few more, then taking few more days off. No need to rush back to work when you got an angel at home. Brad, a good friend and co-worker of mine, put it best; "It is kinda like being in Vegas, you just go and go and go, and then you gotta settle down and live like a normal person." Great words of wisdom, I will have to share that with Jaxson one day-maybe on his 21st birthday when we hit the Vegas strip.

Robyn and Jaxson are headed to the doctor today for a check-up before the weekend, as fast as Jaxson is growing, he may be carrying momma into the office. Let's keep our fingers crossed that all of Jaxson's moving parts are in good and working order and the doctor blesses him with another good bill of health.

This weekend will be a big one for Jaxson. He will meet another uncle (Uncle Chad) and one of his cousins (Jaycee, a.k.a. Booger) who are driving up from New Braunsfels today, and he will also watch his first Cowboys game. It will make this papa proud when he pulls the silver and blue over his head for the first time. As long as my Boys don't let down my boy, it will be a wonderful weekend - all else fails, we can at least watch the cheerleaders together.

How 'bout them Cowboys!!!!

photos courtesy of flickr.com


Family Time!!

All a baby needs is a little love.

Uncle Mike and Aunt Kristin stopped by today to keep The Wheat Clan company. Michael has a big tough exterior, but he melts when he gets around the little bambino; and Kristin's motherly instincts are already showing - all in due time they will journey down this same wondeful trail.

Michael and Kristin were kind enough to bring lunch to Robyn and I in the hospital on Tuesday - and in true Michael fashion -they nailed it on the head when he brought in Mama's Pizza, arguably one of the best pizza joints in town and very fitting for the events that had just unfolded less than 24-hours before the pizza showed up. Sure beats the food from the hospital cafeteria, except maybe the biscuits and gravy at 7:00 am.

One Night Down; 6,569 To Go

Last night was the big night, Robyn and I realized how little sleep we are about to encounter for the next few years.

We did learn one valuable lesson: Sleep when the baby sleeps.

Instead of us trying to catch a few "zzzz's," we would stay up and watch him sleep. It is hard not to watch an angel sleep. He is just too damn cute not to watch. So, we had shifts. Robyn slept for about 4-hours while me and the little bambino watched SportsCenter, a beautiful moment in a father-son relationship. Then the air whistle blew and the shift changed; however, it didn't work out like I thought it would, because she still gets to sleep with him in her arms while I update the blog.

Robyn still amazes me. She gave birth to a new life less than 3 full days ago, and she is recovering dramatically. Grant it, she isn't doing one armed push-ups and head stands yet, but her spirits and "glow" is back and better than ever. We may venture out of the house today, just so the three of us can get some sunshine on our backs....so maybe we will have some photos of that big event.

But, until then, the day will go like this.....Feed, Poop, Sleep. Sleep, Feed, Sleep, Poop..........

He Has What??

Had to share a funny moment with everyone.

Robyn was gently rocking Jaxson this morning, waiting for the final "all clear" from the nurse, when I walked over to snap a nice picture in the natural daylight creeping in through the blinds. Perfect setting for a precious family moment. As I set up the camera to capture one of those magic moments, I spot something.

"Hey look at that, my son has man boobs...."

Love you little man...

You Think He Will Like Us?

The days only get better.

The Wheat Family is finally home; now our home truly feels like a home, not just a house.

After being knee deep in flowers, friends, family, phone calls, wonderful nurses, and cookies (thank you Jennifer for the cookie bouquet - we thoroughly enjoyed it at midnight with some milk - yum), we are finally home. The doctor's officially gave us a good bill of health and allowed Jaxson to begin his dominance of the world; one heart at a time.

What a dramatic turn in lifestyle in such a short amount of time. I have changed multiple diapers and even experienced a little bit of "yellow rain" while in the middle of a change. I sang to my little "biscuit" for the first time. One of my favorite moments so far. I have received numerous tips, hints, and how-to's from other great men who have been in my shoes, and to be totally honest with you; everything has gone very smooth so far.

It is amazing how differently you look at the world when you look through the eyes of your own child. Life is just sweeter; flowers smell better, the sun shines brighter, and the sky is bluer than ever before.

And I do think he likes us, at least for the time being.

Photos, Photos, Photos


Thank to everyone who has called, sent text messages, stopped by the hospital, or even just thought or prayed for us. Robyn and I will never be able to tell each and everyone of you "thank you" enough. The response has been humbling and amazing. Everything came together to make yesterday a beautiful day.

Thank you to the nursing staff at the hospital, and especially to Shelly. Each member of the staff was extremely nice and helpful and only added to the day.

Robyn + Corey = Jaxson

Life if full of miracles.

That is the best way I can put into words how Robyn and I feel at this point. 36 hours with one hour of sleep, and we still didn't want the nurses to take him away from us last night.

Jaxson made his official debut Monday, September 11, 2006 at 11:52am. Robyn landed "The Big One," with Jaxson weighing in at 9 lbs. 3 oz.

Robyn is an amazing woman who found strength within her that she did not know she had. At 1:15am on Monday morning, after being in agonizing pain for 4 hours and not being dialated enough to begin an epidural; all we could do was focus on each other, build strength off of one another, and try not to think about the pain she was having to endure while waiting for such a beautiful miracle to happen.

Robyn is too humble and never gives herself enough credit; but any woman who has ever given birth, deserves every bit of credit and more. Seeing a life being born into this world is one of life's little miracles and a moment in time that is just perfect.

Jaxson made what was once a tragic day into the most beautiful days filled with love and joy.

Thank you to my little Bambino.

Hard to Focus, and Not Just The Camera.

With Jaxson's arrival so close yet so far, the camera is not the only thing out of focus. It is really hard to focus on anything other than contractions and how far apart they are.

I think I will make a shirt that says "Official Time Keeper."

She is at seven minutes apart, which means I am logging off and making the big trip to the hospital.

Updates will come.

The Sandman Delivers

As the trumpets sound on the introduction to my favorite show, Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood, I am working on my third cup of java; relieved to see that momma-to-be got some good sleep last night. I woke up to find her on the couch catching up on her Sunday morning sermon via the tv. She looked rested, looked refreshed, and looked ready to tackle yet another day of hurry-up-and-wait-but-try-not-to-go-crazy.

She is still having contractions, one about every 10-minutes; not much change from 24-hours ago. We have decided to head to the hospital, and just have her checked out so they can see what is going on in Jaxson's amniotic world.

It may be nothing, or it may be everything.

Mr Sandman, Bring Me a Dream.

Droopy eyes, contacts out, teeth brushed, and hair frazzled; I had to make a blog entry to cap the night off, and to re-cap a busy and exhausting day.

The beautiful mom-to-be woke up this morning with contractions coming at 10-minute intervals; this lasted till about 8 o'clock this morning. More than once we decided to go to the hospital; but, then the contractions would stop for a few hours, so we watched the grass grow instead. I don't know how my wife has not gone crazy yet. These last few days of hurry up and wait is exhausting to me, I can't begin to imagine how she feels.

Crazy, I'm not crazy. They put me in a room, a round room.........

We both began to go stir-crazy staring at the walls, so we ventured out into the open world and let the sun shine down on us and to get some fresh air. We had to make one last run to Babies-R-Us to pick up the highly suggested "Kiddopotamus" - possibly the most comfortable looking piece of fabric I have seen since my first pair of boxers in junior high.

From there we went to see Beckett, what a beautiful child. The calmness felt in the house was very comforting - a warm and loving home to be in - congrats once again to the Long family, may all your hopes and dreams come true for your families for generations to come.

Back to the "cave" we went to let the wifey rest and try and catch some "zz's," but no such luck.

Watched the Horn's fall to Ohio. We don't need to talk any more about that.

Let's try sleep again......

Robyn and I sat down to have a cup of night time tea to try and relax her body and mind; and as I type this she is sleeping soundly next to me.

Thank you Mr. Sandman, momma needs her rest.

Tomorrow could be the big day, so a good night's rest would do us all good.

Good night and good luck.

It's a frog, it's a book, it's BOTH?

Receiving gifts is always fun, no matter what for or when, it is always exciting unraveling a small mystery. Robyn loves to get "sussies" (surprises) and they always make her day; even if it is just a king size Butterfinger or a Nutty Butty - any sussie is a good sussie. I also enjoy sussies, but I typically figure out the surprise before it happens, so to receive something that I was not expecting was great.

So we opened a box last night from Robyn's aunt and her family and began pulling out books. And then, there was Toadie (that's what he goes by). Toadie is a morph between a book and a stuffed animal. What better way to engage interaction between a child and a book then by making the book a stuffed animal - great idea. Not to mention that Robyn and I loved the toy/book. Robyn and I found ourselves reading to Jaxson last night about Toadie and his adventures as he ate various types of bugs.

My wife has been a real trooper throughout her entire pregnancy. She has managed to maintain her work schedule up until now, which to me is incredible. However, in the past few days the comfort level she once enjoyed has vanished, and she is now staying home until the little bambino comes into this crazy world to greet us. Reading to Jaxson last night seemed to put an ease to some of her discomfort and I think it made her day. Thank you Aunty for the books and the stuffed animal/toy/book. It will keep all three of us happy for many nights to come.

It's amazing what a little child's play can do to an adult. As a father, I want to be able to connect with my children on a level in which they feel we are best friends, not just parent and child (my parents achieved this, hopefully I can use their mold and come out with the same end product).

Age is just a number, and you should only act as old as you want; being a kid is fun, why stop being a kid at heart just because you have a child yourself.

It's Beginning.

Robyn just left the doctor's office and we have good news.

She is currently 1.5cm dialated and 75% effaced. In laymen's terms, her body is begining to start the process...slowly, but it is begining. She has an appointment this afternoon and the doctor is going to begin "gentle" inducing--still not sure what that means. She has her second appointment on Friday, again for a "gentle" inducing.

If nothing has happened by then, we have an appointment at the hospital on Wednesday (9/13) at 7:30am to induce. That one will be for real. Woohoo.

The doc said he will be here Wednesday for sure.

I will keep updating as much as I can. Keep your fingers crossed.

One Baby Down, One More To Go.

As of last night at 7:09pm, the world just got a little bit smaller. A dear friend of mine and his wife welcomed thier first child into the world last night. Beckett Micheal Long was born; weighing in officially at 8lbs. and 4 ounces and at 21 inches; he definitely has already left a mark in this world. I think Carla got the best of Beckett, only have to push for 36 minutes...not bad for a first timer. Here is the link to his blog for all the details and more photos.

Christian and Karla are two wonderful and truly heart felt individuals who deserve nothing but the best.

Congratulations to you both.

"Booger" and "Cody-Man"

This weekend felt a little more special than most; I had the opprotunity to spend some good time with the whole famliy. My brother, his wife, and their two beautiful kids drove up from New Braunfels this weekend, and we all had the chance to spend some quality time together. I may be some what partial, but they have two of the cutest damn kids EVER. Not sure where they got the cuteness from, but the genes in our family must be worth something.

The difference between the two personalities is amazing. Jaycee (which I call Booger) is THE center of attention at all times; and Cody (Cody-Man) is more than happy to entertain himself.

Weekends like this force you to step back and relish the moments you have to spend with your family. My mom's favorite quote helps to sum things up best.........

"Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

My Belly Button is his Speaker......

The "Labor"-Day weekend has come and gone, and still no bambino. We had a feeling (or a desperate plea) he was coming this weekend, but as I type this, Robyn is still begging for him to come out.

The good news is that the doc said if nothing happens by Thursday (9/7), then he will begin "gentle" inducing. Which, according to my calculations, means we could have a new addition to our family by this time next week. He will begin the process of softening the cervex by means we won't discuss over the blog-o-spehere. I will leave that part to the imagination. We know that Jaxson may be a big boy someday, the doc estimated that he is already 8 to 8-1/2 lbs., I don't blame Robyn for begging him to show his chubby face.

It was a rainy weekend, which gave Robyn and I the chance to hang out together around the house and do nothing. It may be the last full weekend of doing nothing for some time - unless someone would like to volunteer to babysit. (Even though I know momma will be on the phone 24/7 checking up on the little fellow).

BTW - for all those curious, that was not Jaxson on the last post (Casey), that was some kid I found on flickr.com; which I need to give a shout-out to and thank for all the pictures I have gratfully borrowed.

As the days past by, one-by-one, we become closer and closer to the original due date. As of today, we are officially into SINGLE DIGIT DAYS. 9 days and counting..........

Jaxson Goes Public

Today is the official release date for Jaxson's blog. (Thought it would be fitting since it is Labor Day weekend - get it...Labor, Jaxson, Birth. Whatever.) He's not born yet and he is already making his mark in the world.

I have also officially decided that I will soon become one of THOSE dads, you know the ones. They won't put the camera down, constantly talking about how much better my kid is than yours, yep, that's about to be me.

Robyn and I thought this would be the best way to keep tabs on Jaxson and his latest happenings; basically it will be a virtual scrapbook.

I will try to update his blog daily; whether with images of him, his latest "accomplishments", or just some commentary from me to keep you entertained for a few minutes. Laughter is the best medicine.

I promise there will be no pictures of his poop, not unless it contains a crayon or looks like a portrait of Jesus. In that case, I will sell it on eBay, and you can all bid.

You can sign up to be automatically update. Go to feedblitz.com, and register (it's free) and follow the simple instructions. You will have to enter your email and then click on the confirmation email they will send you. Everytime I post a new entry, they will send you an email that you can just click on and it will take you to his blog. Can't be easier than that.

Please feel free to leave any comments. A little virtual conversation is good for everyone.

p.s. I also have another blog if you want to check it out.