Looking For A Handout?

Up close and personal with the Big O.

My Favorite Kind of Park

I'm a sucker for a good baseball park.

These Guys Are Good

You need someone to shag a ball for you during batting practice at a MLB game?  Hire these two guys.

So far, been to two games with Cress and Koen, and so far the boys have manage to go home with at least one ball each from batting practice.

Not too shabby for a couple kids.

Three Down, Twenty-Nine To Go

Bucket List Item #371 (or something like that): Visit every major league baseball park with Jaxson.

So far we have:
Rangers Ballpark; Arlington, TX
Nationals Park; Washington, D.C.
Camden Yards; Baltimore, MD

What Is Art?

Love to see my little minds at play and letting their creative juices flow.

Little Lady Belle

All the credit goes to Robbie on this photo; could not have planned it beeter.

The Question At Hand.

Curious as to what we're talking about; the world may never know.

Inflated Creativity


Fairway Dancer

During a recent afternoon of catching up on the latest golf tournament, a crazed ballerina broke in the house and started an impromptu recital.

Golf, at that point, became the second best thing to watch.