More Skunk Sightings....

Do you remember growing up, when you parents wouldn't let you feed the stray dogs in the neighborhood because they knew they would continually come back because they knew where to get food and water....I should have listened to my folks.

It seems the neighborhood skunks remembers that I let him in the house this morning, and he followed me all the way to dinner tonight.

The little guy isn't walking just yet, so the fun of Halloween is still just slightly out of his grasp. Instead of doing the traditional Halloween events, we decided to do dinner with all the grandparents - that way he could still wear his costume and all the grandparents could see the little stinker in all his glory, live in person.

A group of fellow dinners had a good laugh watching our little skunk scurry around the entry to the restaurant, they mentioned that he was the best laugh they had all night. Glad we could help.

We Have A Skunk Problem

As I opened the door this morning to enjoy the cool autumn morning, I was greeted by a little friend of ours. I haven't seen him in these parts much, so needless to say, it caught me off guard. I am not sure how, or if I want to get rid of this thing. He really is a cute little rodent, even if he does stink from time-to-time. So, instead of being cruel and hurting the skunk - we just let him in the house. I figured it had to be better than the smell that is still lingering in our house from some fresh fish that we fried up on Monday night.
Here are a few pics of what I encountered:

As it entered the house.

And if you were crazy enough to believe that story, then you just got tricked instead of treated...Now, for the real stinker of our house......

Happy Halloween to everyone, be safe out there and I hope everyone has the opprotunity to create priceless memories.

Cowboy Golf

Sometimes a gift is more than just a gift, and timing is nothing more than numbers and dates.

Uncle Chad and Aunt Jenn surprised Jax with his b-day gift this weekend during their visit. Living in the hill country of Texas in New Braunfels, our opportunities to see each other aren't as fluent as we wish they could be.

Two of my favorite things in the world, besides my family, are the Dallas Cowboys and golf - which naturally makes those Jaxson's favorite things. So what better way for an uncle and aunt to spoil his nephew then to buy him a set of Cowboys golf club!!!

I do have to say, he has taken a liking to the clubs and looks like a prodigy during his backswing.

Act Natural

A few random pictures while trying to capture THE ONE for Boo's Christmas card.

Endless game of chase....

A dose of beauty in a world of concrete and steel.

Silhouettes at the museum.

Chad and Cody cruise the scene.

The "Manimal" is loose....

Breakfast at the Gallery

It doesn't get much better than coffee and pancakes on a sunny Sunday morning. Before Chad and Jenn headed back down south, the family met for brunch at Coffee House Galley in Fort Worth. A laid-back, chic coffee house on the south side of downtown Fort Worth was the perfect setting before headed off to the museum district for our annual Christmas card photo shoot of the grandkids.

A big thank you goes out to Tony and Diane Peters for hosting us for brunch at their restaurant. If you are ever in the hospital district for lunch, stop by and tell them I sent you - it is well worth the trip.

Happily Ever After

Like any classic fairy tale would include, this story started with a bride-to-be riding up in a horse drawn carriage with her Prince Charming waiting on the steps to take his lady's hand.

A private and elegant ceremony included not only the horse-drawn carriage, but bubbles, cupcakes, and some good mexican cuisine. All the workings of a wonderful wedding ceremony.

Congratulations to Nikki and Eric Scott on the start to their new life. You could see and feel the love between the two as they exchanged their vows on the steps of the Ball-Eddleman-McFarland house in Fort Worth.

Mr. Peeb's Rollercoaster

On our way to the Great Pumpkin Patch, we decided to roll with the windows down, the music turned up, and fun on full blast. I first noticed how much Jaxon enjoyed riding "wild style", on a late evening drive home in FW when the weather was gorgeous and just right for a window's down ride...needless to say, he still enjoys it.

Oddly enough, this is the way I use to act when I rode my Harley.

Showing Some Team Love


Kicking It, Maryland Style

With a good night's rest under our belt, we woke up Sunday morning with a full schedule of Maryland fun. The morning was absolutely perfect, "cowboy" blue skies with no clouds, and the slightest breeze to make it as comfortable as it could have been.

Uncle Peeb's (Michael), Kristen, Robyn, Jaxson, and I all headed north to check out Butler's Orchard. On the plan ride, I read an article about some of the country's greatest pumpkin patches, and one just happened to be in Germantown, MD - a mere 20 minute drive from where we were.

This was not only Jaxson's first experience in a true pumpkin patch, but it was also Robyn's and mine. We have all been to the local pumpkin markets on road sides and farmer markets, but this was a true working farm with a Pumpkin Festival and working farmer's market on the property.

The setting was perfect for some priceless photographs. The leaves have just begun changing colors, and the colors of fall were all around us. Countless pumpkins of all sizes were scattered across acres of farmland. With wheelbarrow in hand, we set of to find the perfect pumpkin for Jaxson's first pumpkin adventure. Charlie Brown would have been jealous that Jaxson found the Great Pumpkin in the Great Pumpkin Patch. Eat your heart out Charlie.

The night before, while at dinner we decided to do what fellow Maryland'ers would do, and we ordered some crab to enjoy while we watched our beloved Cowboys play. Kristen's younger brother, Ronnie, was kind enough to pick up some genuine Maryland state crabs on his way to join us for the game. This was my first experience at attacking some grabs with wooden hammers and melted butter, and I have to say, for all the work and the mess that they make - it is worth the effort. Some steamed crab with "Old Bay" spice, washed down with some cold brewski's is not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Jaxson still isn't old enough to enjoy shellfish, so the boy had to stick with his Mac 'n Cheese.

The rest of the afternoon consisted of a whole lot of couch laying, football watching, and just simple family time.

He Is A Little Monkey

What happens when you have two uncles, a dad, and a poor helpless kiddo - you stick them in a tree of course and take pictures.

Don't worry, no trees or kids were harmed in this stunt.

Leaving On A Jet Plane...

Jaxson and I firmly planted our feet back on Texas soil yesterday afternoon after spending a few days in the great northeast. Robyn had to travel for some training for her new career in northern Virginia, which is minutes from her two brothers. We decided to make a long weekend out of the event and enjoy a few days of a mini-vacation. Robyn retuns late tonight, and we miss her and are ready for her return.
Red-eyed and groggy, our flight left DFW Saturday morning at 6:30am. So yes, we were at the airport by 5:00am. Bravo to American Airlines on their service to us before, during, and after the flight. They did everything they could to accomodate us and Jaxson and make our traveling go as smoothly as possible. They have installed a children's play area with padded flooring and big soft planes, luggage, and toy cars to crawl all over, which was right next to our departure gate - this was a great chance for Jax to get some of his early morning energy burnt off before catching our flight.
The ticket counter was kind enough to reserve an entire row of seats for us, the flight was only about 50% full, but the gesture from American was great. The little man enjoyed the flight for the most part, especially the elderly gentlemen a few rows back whom Jaxson kept wanted to play "Peek-A-Boo."

After arriving at BWI, Uncle Casey picked us all up and we headed for lunch. Rio Grande Cafe (Unlce Julio's here in FW, under an alias name in Maryland) seemed like just the place to grab some grub and enjoy the gorgeous Saturday afternoon. The area was alive with activity. Walkers, runners, casual strollers, shoppers - what a Norman Rockwell picture would look like if he painted outdoor shopping malls. When Jax was finished, Casey and I took him down to the water to enjoy the grass and to be mesmerized by the ducks and geese that call that lake home. These moments are the ones that everyone remembers. Quiet moments between and Uncle and his nephew. Casey doesn't get to see Jax as much as he wishes, but he definitely makes up for that with the time he does have available.

A Song For My Boy

Lately, I have been listening to alot of Brandon Rhyder, he is a singer/songwriter with a Texas music sound. He has a song titled "My Son" that hits very close to my heart. It is a feel good song that expresses his love and amazement of his son and how he changed his life.

Lyrics are below with a video of him performing the song in College Station, TX.

This is for you my Little Bambino.

“My Son”
Brandon Rhyder

We welcome to this world, a brand new bouncing baby boy
With ten fingers and ten toes, your mommas button nose
You will never believe, how much you’ve changed me
You will always be the star, by God’s grace he gave me

And the beauty of it all, is lying right here in my arms
Falling fast asleep, I can feel your heart beat
Unconditional love, something I have never known
You are my boy, you are my blood, you are my son

We named you after my brother, cause he couldn’t hang around
But I’ll bet he’s on the shoulders of an angel
Laughing and singing right now
He stole my heart, and now he’s given it to you
I always new you’d be the only one, that he’d give my heart to

And the beauty of it all, is lying right here in my arms
Falling fast asleep, I can feel your heart beat
Unconditional love, something I have never known
You are my boy, you are my blood, you are my son

You are my boy, you are my blood, you are my son
We welcome to this world, a brand new bouncing baby boy
With ten fingers and ten toes, and your mommas button nose

I Need A Hand.

Poor guy thought his hands fell off.

"Exactly how did I get here...?"

Boys will be boys.

Life's Little Stepping Stool

We are a mere days away from Jaxson finally walking on his own. He has been slow to get to this point; but last night, he suddenly began using the fireplace as his support - something he had not managed to master yet. He had no problem standing and sitting, but actually moving those two "ham-hocks" that we call legs was a different story.
But, he didn't stop at just walking. He quickly learned that if you hike your leg just a little bit higher, and get butt high enough in the air - you could climb up ONTO the fireplace. Oh brother, the mountain climbing has begun.
But, who needs to use all that energy when you can use your chair and desk as a stepping stool. Within minutes of learning how to climb up onto the brick fireplace, the desk was his ladder. This is a habit that is going to be tough to break - because boys will be boys and boys like to explore.

Step One - The Distraction: "Hey, look over there, what's that."

Step Two: Turn-and-Go

Step Three: The Summit

Um, Dad, can I get some help here? Nobody told me how to get down.