Thanks to All.


Thank you to the Brooks family for letting us spend the weekend with you. We had a great time at the party on Friday night and your hospitality for the whole weekend was as good as it always is. It was great to see so many people interacting with Jaxson and having him respond back. This will be the first of many trips for the little guy to see the Brooks family. Thank you once again.

Hit the Road Jax....

If the saying is true that it isn't the destination that counts, but the journey that you took to get there is what makes traveling special; then I would have to argue with that...but just this once.

After a whirl-wind week of trans-Texas traveling for business, Robyn and I set off for Houston with her parents on Friday to visit some family; and I can say that I have had my bout of carsickness that I was due. Jaxson, on the other hand, was a trooper. Not sure if he was mulled to sleep by the hum of the tires on the road or just passed out from the smell of beef jerky and fried pig skins, but he was an absolute angel for the trip. (We will let that one crying spell pass due to your lack of inexperience on the road - but only this once).

Now that you (Jaxson) have successfully completed your first long road trip, it is time for daddy-o to give you some lessons that will help keep you sane on your many travels ahead:

1) Don't drink out of a can that isn't yours. Seems simple, but you never know what could be lurking in the bottom of that warm Dr. Pepper can in the front cup holder...hold out until the next gas station for a drink.

2) Don't be the first one to fall asleep in a car full of guys that have been on the road for more than 3-hours. Boredom is your enemy, and they will play you like a worn out fiddle. Shaving cream and old-chewed gum don't come out easily. I promise.

3) Don't Drink and Drive - You might hit a bump and spill it.

4) Always Enjoy the Scenery. (This is a serious one) Don't' forget to look out the window and enjoy what you see. We live in a beautiful country and an extraordinary world. There are unlimited possibilities beyond the window in front of you. Marvel at the beauty of a 100-year old oak in the middle of a field with a run-down barn next too it. These images won't be around for ever, so enjoy the world for what it is.

5) Only use your mirrors for driving, not for living. By this, I simply mean what's behind you is in your past. You can't change it, no matter how hard you try. Learn from your mistakes and relish your victories, but always remember that something new is waiting for you around the next bend. So keep your focus and don't let anyone drive your life. You live it the way you want.

Remember these five rules, and apply them to live and the road, and the rest will take care of itself.

Happy Halloween!!


What's Halloween without a few pictures of your kiddo in a pumpkin outfit. These will just add to the collection of embarrassing photos I already have of Jaxson to show his first girlfriend...blackmail is so much fun.

Have a Hell of a Day.....



If I spoke Spanish, which I don't, and I said "Pooh-toes" to too loud in the wrong place - I may just get beat up and have my lunch money stolen.

Robyn dressed Jaxson in an outfit this evening that has Winnie the Pooh footsies, and her only comment was, "Hey, look, Jaxson has Pooh-Toes!" Since I am purely gringo, the joke went right past me. It took me about 4-hours and suddenly..."Oh, I get it Pooh-toes."

If you don't get the joke either, don't feel bad. Go ask your local friendly Spanish speaking friend what it means, and they will explain it to you.

Sunshine and Smiles

Saturday morning was one of the most beautiful mornings I can remember. A crisp, cool Autumn morning; bright sunshine, no clouds, and just a hint of cold in the air.

The firm I work for, Huckabee and Associates, is celebrating the firm's 40th Birthday this year, and for marketing images and photos; we held a photo day at Trinity Park in Fort Worth with all the children of the firm's parents. God could not have blessed us with a more perfect morning. I was able to catch some absolute beautiful photos of different families, kids of all sizes doing all sorts of activities.

This was the first chance that the family has been able to enjoy one of Fort Worth's fine parks, and it definitely won't be the last.

Before and After

Captured this photo last night just before bed time. In the background you can see some photos that Robyn and I had done a few months before Jaxson arrived.

It is amazing to me how much things have changed in 5-1/2 weeks in our lives and in our home. Having Jaxson around seems so normal to me already, and it is hard for me to imaging our lives before he was born.

Before he was born, I constantly asked myself how was I going to care for another person's life. I had so many unanswered questions. My mom would always tell me, "Don't worry, it will happen natural and your instincts will kick in." And, they did and they still do. Everyday is a new day with him and everyday, as parents, we learn something new. Not only new about Jaxson, but about ourselves.

Becoming a parent has been the greatest accomplishment (not sure if that is the right word or not) in my life. I always wanted a little boy, and I am counting the days until we get to go to our first baseball game together, play our first round of golf together, learn a lesson from a fight at school - all the things a young boy goes through.

Give Credit Where Credit is Due


My wonderful wife shot this photo, and I must say, her photography skills are begining to rival the best of them.

Gripe Water is "Holy Water"

It is amazing what a tiny amount of "medicine" can do for a kiddo.

For the last two-and-a-half weeks, Jaxson has been upset. Robyn and I could not figure out what it was. We tried EVERYTHING we could think of. We rocked, we bathed, we fed, we burped, we drove in the car, we went for walks, we came him Mylicon, we even tried spinning him on his head. Not really, but we were spent. We did not want to admit that the little bambino may have a form of colic; but, exhaustion had set in and we were both about to lose it.

And happened. We remembered someone mentioned Gripe Water to us. So, Sunday night we drive across town to Whole Foods, they were out. Gripe Water is a natural supplement, this is not something you find at a local corner gas station. So, frustrated we begin the trek back to the house. We make a few phone calls, and finally we find some...and God bless the person that invented this "Holy Water."

Not sure why or how it works, but it is like magic. Jaxson has returned to his sweet smiling face and playful mannerisms.

Ain't Nothing but a Gangsta' Party....


Daddy's Little Pumpkin


An Apple A Day...


One month old and already a specimen of health.

Jaxson had his one month check-up with the doctor yesterday, and all is going as smooth as butter on a baby's butt. He is in the 90% range for his weight and the 75% range for his height; so, all in all, he is doing perfect.

The wife and I had a little bet on the weight of the new bambino. Robyn guessed 10 lbs. 14 oz.; I guessed 11 lbs. even. And the winner was.....

Daddy-O!!!!! That's how we men roll....he is already my wing man.

Stayin' Alive, Stayin' Alive.....

Travolta has nothing on this "cool cat."

Sleeping like a rock last night, Jaxson felt the urge to celebrate his 4-week birthday; he broke out into a song-and-dance routine that would rival So You Think You Can Dance. He jumped up on the coffee table and sang himself "Happy Birthday." (not really, but I am sure he was thinking of doing it)

Happy 4-week b-day little buddy.

Saturdays and Waking Up.

I love a good Saturday morning. The re-freshness of no work, a day full of "hanging out," and waking up next to your beautiful wife and little boy - life is good.

Saturday's full of Saved by the Bell, He-Man, G.I. Joe, and Pop-Warner Football; have been replaced by cups of coffee, College Gameday, and waking up with the family. I wouldn't trade these days for the old ones - never.
Jaxson is a stretcher, a wiggler, and a squirmy worm. He is ready to get this Saturday going. He has a big day ahead of him. We are headed out the door to enjoy this beautiful morning with a walk and then the Horns play that high school team from Oklahoma.
Good day ahead of us......Hook 'em Horns.
Is that a touchdown that Jaxson is showing us?? Maybe he is predicting the future.....

Happy Birthday Boo!

Tonight my mom turns 25!!!!! (wink, wink)

Robyn and I met Boo and Pops at Caro's for her birthday dinner tonight. Great Mexican food and puffy tacos to boot!!! A Mexican food staple that has been in Fort Worth almost 60 years, highly recommended. It is located off of University on the Bluebonnet Circle.

Anyways, had a great dinner and some good conversation. We each took our turns taking Jaxson outside and walking up and down the sidewalk trying to get him to stop crying - some of us had success and some didn't.

My mother is an extraordinary women who gives more than she will ever receive. She spends almost all of her free time volunteering at women's shelters, riding along with police officers in their patrol cars, and other various volunteer activities. She instilled all these beliefs into me and taught me that education is the most important thing in life besides family.

We tried to get Jaxson to sing "Happy Birthday" to you, but all he would do was grunt and hiccup, followed by the occasional fart. So, you will have to use your imagination and pretend the pictures are of him singing out loud.

Happy Birthday Boo, looking good for 25!!!! (or is it 26??)

Ancient Art of "Chuppy Balancing"


Jaxson Hits the Bottle

Good news and bad news. Good news is that Robyn will now be getting more sleep; bad news is that I will NO longer be sleeping more than Robyn.

Jaxson broke the seal tonight and drank from his first bottle. Which means that it is now possible for daddy to "lead the feed" at 3:30AM - great, I am SO excited. We decided to begin the process of slowly introducing the bottle to the little man. It is a small step towards him one day taking formula, but for now, he is still munching on "boobie" milk, but just not having to work as hard for the good stuff.

Walking in the Moonlight.

Big night for the Wheat Family. Jaxson joined the "walking crew" tonight; of course, he didn't walk, he just hitched a ride with Robyn.

Having nightly walks with Robyn is one of my favorite things to do, and we haven't had the chance since the little bambino arrived. It is a good time to just get out and enjoy each other, no phones, tv, or computers. We may walk and not say one word to one another, but just being outside, together, and alone is all I want.

Robyn was even able to put her tennis shoes back on, she hasn't been able to do that in a few months.