Must. Have. One.


King & Queen Of The Bounce-House


Let The Gossip Games Begin


One Year Later




A Gracelee Weekend

One more member of the "Big One" club.

Gracelee Sutherland (and her mom and dad) made it through their first year together, and we all headed to Richmond to join in the celebration.

Big blue Texas sky, warm sunshine, a bounce house, food, and cake make for happy people.

Happy Birthday to Gracelee and congrats to Justin and Tiffany for making through your first year as parents, they only get better from here on out.

Girls Will Be Girls

Izzie and Belle discuss the days events...diapers, boys, shoes...the normal stuff.


A little rain won't stop Papi and Jax from jumping into a quick golf lesson.

Grab the gear, throw it on, and hit the links...

Sunrise Smiles


Looking At The World Through A Rearview


Not A Bad Lunch Break

Robyn and the kids were off for Spring Break, so we took advantage of the spring weather and had a midweek picnic lunch break at the Fort Worth Water Gardens.

Great to see the Water Gardens full of life and laughter.

The Big Check-Up

One year; stats as follows:

Weight: 21.5 lbs - 50 percentile
Height: 30-1/4 inches - 80 percentile.

Spring Swing


Sign 'Em Up


Watching Big Bro


The Baseball Strut


Field Of Dreams

Beyond the chain-link fence backstop and out past where the grass meets the red dirt; that is where you will find little boy's big league dreams.

Baseball was the sport that I shared a close bond with my family. Some of my earliest memories are from sitting under the carport on warm summer nights with my brother, listening to Ranger's play-by-play from Eric Nadel and Mark Holtz ("Hello Win Column") while my dad worked on his latest project. Stomping on June-Bugs and playing catch by the glow of the lights scattered around the perimeter of the house helped us pass many hours and stay out of trouble.

Needless to say, today was a day that has been harder to wait for than Christmas morning.

T-ball practice number one.

Good memories and greater bonds are just ahead...

Odd Sightings

Sometimes, it just safer to not ask any questions.
Just nod your head and smile.

Party Randomness


Their Birthday Bond

Sharing the same birthday; Pops and Belle strengthen a bond that will evolve over time.

Party For One; Her First One


Birthday Smile


Belle Is Ringing "One"


On your first birthday, we want to say thank you.

Thank you for showing us how a little girl can bring a man to his knees with a simple smile.

Thank you for being what and who you are. Your personality is coming alive more and more every day, and with it you are slowly unwrapping yourself and showing us the person you will be.

Thank you for humbling me.

Thank you for giving me perspective in life.

Thank you for being momma's shopping buddy; I don't know how many more times I could spend a Saturday afternoon shopping.

Thank you for showing Jaxson how much he can love someone. Seeing him giving you kisses in the morning and just before bed time makes us smile and hopeful of a bright future for both of you.

Thank you for being my little girl. Who knew I could be wrapped around such a little finger.

Thank you for all the late nights and early mornings. Watching the room brighten as the sun rises with you in my arms is a great way to start a day - no matter how early you decide to wake up.

Thank you for being you.

Happy Birthday Miss Belle, we all love you and wish you only the best and brightest future.

-Dadda, Momma, and Jaxson

"So be sure when you step, step with care and great tact. And remember that life's A Great Balancing Act. And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed) Kid, you'll move mountains."

Things To Come

I bet we will see this image more than once in the coming days, weeks, months, years...

One toy. Two Kids. Lots of tears.

Birthday Party Practice Run


Belle doesn't get a birth-DAY, she gets a birth-WEEK.

Less than one week until Miss Belle turns one; so we had to start practicing unwrapping and blowing out candles.

With a possible overload of toys in the coming week from family and friends, we opted to give Belle a few presents early - so she can play with some toys before the next load comes through.

The unwrapping was what we expected, her brother wanted to "help" her unwrap her toys by actually unwrapping them for her. He means well.

All Smiles


Tents & Tales


The weather around here has sucked lately.

If it isn't raining, it is windy.
If it isn't windy, than it is snowing.
If it isn't snowing, than it is raining.

Finally, the Gods gave us a break in the weather; and it was perfect timing for Tents & Tales at River Legacy Park in Arlington - one of the true gems of Arlington.

The concept was an overnight camping experience in the city. With our registration fee, we got a hot dog dinner, story time, arts & crafts, and a movie under the stars; however, we copped out and headed home about 8pm, before the movie started. We hadn't planned on camping, since he is still trying to get over a 2+ week cough - but we stayed until he was done.

Jax and I met a friend from his school and his mom. The openness and security of the park allowed the boys to run free while the parents unwound from the work week.

Pretty cool concept and the city did a great job in pulling it off - we will definitely be back next year with a group and sleeping bags.