Backstage Moment


Theatrical Debut

In my younger days, I was in theater.  With multiple plays under my belt (and a few public screw ups as well on stage), I can appreciate the courage it takes to get up in front of a crowd and take part in a play - no matter how big or small your role, it is a nerve-racking experience.

Jaxson made his debut last night with his school's interpretation of The Wizard of Oz.  He had a few minor roles; he was a poppy flower and a citizen in the crowd.  No true speaking parts, but he does have a moment where he is up in front of the crowd and doing his thing.

He was (and still is) excited about the play.  After it was over, he said he was ready to do another and sad this one was done with.  So who knows where this can lead.

Team Picture

The close of a great (and undefeated) season.  Those Kentucky Wildcats got nothing on these kids...

Downtown Grub

Nothing better than finding a new local restaurant that is kid friendly, beer on draft, burgers that are good, and that has great people watching.

Rex's Downtown Grill in downtown Frederick has all those; and is now one of my local favs.

Fireside Chat

At one of local favorites, Beans In The Belfry, the little lady decided to read a story to the resident dog.  He may have been fake, but in her eyes he was real as could be.

Fake fire, fake dog, but a real sweetheart.

A Championship Season

Too bad they don't reward a first place team in Jaxson's age bracket for basketball, because they went undefeated this season.  Great coach, great kids, and a great organization all around.  Upward was a great league for Jax this year; we definitely feel as though he made some progress in both his basketball skills, but also in his competitive juices.

He tends to be very passive; however, there were some moments of competitiveness that showed up...on to golf season!

Instead of trophies, all the kids got basketballs - which I love; it's something they will actually use.

Shared Special Day

They have a special bond.  They share their birthday, and have had the privilege of sharing special cake/desert each year so far.

A special day for both.

A Frozen Sixer

Miss Belle will officially turn six on Wednesday of this week, but we celebrated a few days early with all the family in town.  

No better time and place to have a Frozen party than with snow still on the ground and at a local dairy farm/creamery.

Night Sledders

One last sledding trip, first one at night, of the season.  Honestly, not sad to see winter go.

AB is sad, but not because winter is leaving...sometimes you have to yell at your kids to get them in the pictures, smile or no smiles.


Finally AB has taken to an activity...she's all about some gymnastics lately.

The gym opened up over the weekend to kids and let them have a "free-play."