VBS Winds Down

The end of the week long vacation bible school at church always ends with a show and a picnic to follow.

The Wheat's - 2013


School Girl

The antique school desk that has been a part of my parents front porch for the past 25+ years is a great spot for the little lady to take a pic.

2004 All Over Again

It's been nine years since Robbie and I returned to the spot where we got engaged; Joe T. Garcia's in Fort Worth.

The whole "thing" about Joe T's is the incredible/massive/unique patio behind the original restaurant.  When we got engaged, it was November, so the patio wasn't open so we sat inside.  The magic happened and we have never returned...so, while in Texas we made the pilgrimage to Joe T's to check it out.

I bought her a big, fat Ring Pop to celebrate the occasion.

Boy Among Giant(s)

Robyn had to pick me up off the asphalt at Six Flags Over Texas when Jax said he willingly wanted to ride the Texas Giant (with a little pep-talk from Jaycee).

Into The Crazy House

Next time you need a bunch of grown-ass adults acting like kids and hurting having a blast; rent a bounce house with an attached water slide...kids to the side, let the adults play.


Grillin' & Chilln'


Ball-Game Buddies

No doubt, that when I am in Texas during baseball season, you can bet your butt I will be at a game...good times with old friends.

And when it's Dollar Hot Dog Night..oh buddy!

Take Flight

Day One of our annual trip back to Texas for the All-Balls Family Reunion consisted of a trip to the Flight Deck Trampoline Park; a warehouse full of trampolines, music, lights, and loud children/adults.

The Road Ahead Is Paved With Something

My boy is growing.

His first official school year is in the books; and I do have to say, it was a good one.

I've seen his mind expand from being just a kindergartner into one that shows likes and interest in certain areas.  

He's definitely a "thinker."  Both of his "awards" this school year were in science and math.  He likes to ask questions and sometimes questions the answers. 

No one knows where the road will eventually take him, but I know he has a solid foundation started and the sky  is the limit for this boy.

Congrats Jax on completing your first year of school!

With The Wifey


River Side


Take Me Down To The River...

To me, the best plans are the plans aren't plans.

After a day of Fun Bus parties and some job site work time, a spontaneous bike ride down the C & O Towpath Canal was a hand well played.

Jax has yet to be on an extended bike ride yet; his rides consist of loops around the neighborhood or the occasional park visit...that all changed today.

Six-plus miles later, he's a biker.

A brief butt/crotch rest under the bridge going from Maryland to Harper's Ferry, WV gave us a moment to soak it all in.

The Fairy Shall Visit Him

It only took me physically holding him down and Robbie pulling it out with one big pull; but the boy finally lost his first tooth.  

Now if we can just get that next snaggle-tooth out of his grill...