On My Big Green Tractor.


Field Day

The second half of Jaxson's Field Day had to be cancelled last week because of the COLD - yes, it was a breezy 50 degrees and raining...so, this week they completed what they started...with a slight change in temperature, a cool 93 degrees, and with Robbie as a field volunteer.

Damn that Mother Nature and her sick sense of humor.

Ending With A Bang

After a day of parties, tough to beat a free tailgate firework show.

Give A Mouse Some Milk...


A Squirrel He Isn't

What do you do when one of the neighborhood kiddo's comes running into your house saying Jaxson is stuck in a tree and can't get down?  Call the fire department?  Get a ladder?  Look up on Google how to get a kid out of a tree?

Of course not, that wouldn't be a very proper parent thing to do...you go grab your phone, take a picture; and then proceed to point-and-laugh for a few moments while you make him think about what he did.

I think next time, he may try and get down himself before calling for help.

Crisis resolved.

Major Love at the Minor Leagues

A little Saturday night hanging with friends at the local minor league baseball club.

Green Thumbs?

Hopefully, they have better luck at growing things than their daddy-o.  I could kill damn near anything that grows in the ground.

We'll give it a few weeks and see where we stand.

Lucky To Have You

Not sure how I was so lucky to have the mother of my children be almost as cool as me, but you are.

You are our calendar keeper, our lunch packer, our laughter, our nurse when we are sick, our motivation to work harder, and our best friend; but most of all, you're their mom.

And I couldn't ask for anything more.

To Boo...

To the mom that let us boys be boys.

To the mom that taught us how to be independent and be ourselves.

To the mom that let us learn things the hard way.

To the mom that was always there for us no matter what we needed.

To the mom that is Boo to our children; thank you for being an incredible mom.

Happy Mother's Day from your boys!

Fairy Kisses