Little Miss Flirty

Not even four months old and she already has boys blowing kisses at her. Stone, the birthday boy, is well worthy of giving my baby-girl kisses; especially if you keep her smiling like that.

Summer Swim Party


Three Generations, One Shared Passion

For most father's, the greatest part of having a son, is passing on your passions in life and teaching life lessons through those passions. Sharing something that you love, with someone you love creates those special moments in life that you tuck away deep into your memory banks and draw back on time-after-time.

Golf, to me, is more than a sport. It is an opprotunity. It is an opprotunity to teach you lessons about life and lessons about yourself. It has taught me to stop and slow down, enjoying the little moments and small aspects of life that make this world go 'round. The way fresh cut grass looks and smells in the morning as the sun rises. Being the first footsteps to break the dew in the mornings. The long shadows cast across the fairways as you stroll up the last fairway as the late evening sun sets behind a row of trees.

I took up golf about 15 years ago, my dad just started the game a few years ago - but we both had the pleasure of taking Jaxson for his first round of golf. Original plans had us heading to a nine hole course down the street; however, a junior tournament was taking place so we shifted our plans to another nine-hole course on the west side of Fort Worth. Funny how things like this happen, because we ended up taking Jaxson to the very course where I first started playing.

The course itself is not the greatest; however, yesterday with my son and my father both by my side - it was THE greatest course ever.

Who knows if Jaxson will take to the game the way I did. But even if he doesn't, those few hours spent with the guys will go down as a special moment for all of us.

Back Home And Living The High Life

After being in Maryland for the last 6 days, my little Bambino is finally back home in his nest.

Mimi and Papi took Jax to Maryland to visit their boys and their lovely wives; hopefully I can steal some pictures from Mimi and get those up shortly.

He was able to spend some incredible quality time with both of his uncles, and I know he had a great trip - I know that because he never stopped talking on the way home from the airport.

While on his trip, Robyn and I took advantage and transformed his room into his 'big-boy' room. Our old bed, some furniture shifting, toy purging, and a good cleaning welcomed him home.
So what does a just annointed big-boy do with all that room; turn sideways and sleep on the short span of the bed.

Glad you are home buddy, we missed you dearly.

This Is What Brown Did For Me.

Uncle Casey hooked Bambino up with an authentic UPS truck while he visited him in Maryland. Nice deliver. It was on time and not broken. Good work Casey.

One More For The Ages


Miss Annabelle will be the fourth generation that has been in this particular bassinet. The linens have changed, the children have grown, paint colors have changed - but the love has always remained.

Momma and Belle


Caddie & The Guys

Bambino, Bill, and I take a photo with the All Balls Golf Trophy, Caddie.

Lovely Ladies


Uncle Pat Shows Some Love


Anyone Want To Swim With Me...?


All The Boys, And All The Girls


Just before tee-time at the 4th Annual All-Balls Golf Tourney at Battle Lake Golf Course in Mart, TX.

The Gift That Is Still Giving

While passing through on their vacation; Auntie, TJ, and Jimmy stopped for dinner and a mini-birthday celebration for TJ at Mi Chula's in Southlake. Besides the fact that the food was incredible, the cerveza was cold, and the atmosphere was buzzing with talk of the summer storms that have rolled through town the last few days; Miss Annabelle received a truly unique gift from a total stranger - though they may not be strangers after this.

From a table just a few steps away, I was approached by a lady asking Annabelle's name and how it was spelt. She informed me that her daughter was drawing a picture for Belle and she wanted to make sure her name was correct.

As we were wrapping up dinner and just starting to sing The Birthday song to TJ, the sweet girl (whom I later found at her name was Keely) from a few tables over approached me and told me she had a gift for Annabelle.

She handed me the following piece of paper and told me that this is from her to Annabelle.
Life can really surprise you, and invigorate you at the same time. This small, but powerful, action by Keely meant more to us then anything money could have bought, not to mention the fact she draws better than most adults I know. For Keely to take it upon herself to give a personalized gift says alot about the person she is, the woman she will become, and the type of parents she has.

All we can say is "Thank You." Your little gift made a huge impact.

Face Of Change


Backing The Blue

Newly anointed Fort Worth police officer, Cousin Craig, stopped by the house on Saturday evening to check on the neighborhood and make sure the kiddos were behaving.
Landing his old neighborhood, and our current neighborhood, Craig is happy to be keeping the streets safe that he grew up on.

Having an alumnus of the neighborhood makes you feel really secure knowing they hold a special place in their hearts for the streets your kids play on.

Not to mention, it makes for a great opportunity to keep the kids in line.

Tickled Pink Indeed


Back-Seat Buddies


Pool Side Moments

Just when I thought my little girl couldn't steal my heart any more, she dawns her summertime best and sports a rocking little hat.
She took the irresistible factor up one bit and kicked her feet up, pool side.

I'm The King Of The World!!


Allowable Wardrobe

Robyn: "I really appreciate your help, that is why I set out the outfits that you can dress Annabelle in. They are on her dresser."

Corey: "I guess you don't like my style?"

Some people don't see genius when it is right in front of them.