Little Bunny Fu-Fu

He came.
He left his goods.
He vanished.
I think the kids were grateful and happy.

Surrounded By Blue


Your My Boy Blue


Flower Girl


Shaggin' Flies and Swingin' Away


Inside The Park


Here's Looking At You Kid


Antlered Up

If you gotta ask, then you just don't need to know.

Yearly Attendance Noted

My favorite part of having a birthday is that there is always a Ranger game around my birthday.  The number of games attended on or around my birthday are too many to count.  I can recall going to the original Ranger Stadium and walking up what seemed to be the longest ramps in the world to get to the outfield bleacher seats.

 Could not think of a better place to spend another birthday with Boo, Pops, and the rest of my clan.

Photo Opprotunity

The photo booth at the mall was calling our we aswered the call.

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Air Heads

A lazy Sunday afternoon turned into an impromptu journey to find a good spot to watch the Fort Worth Air Show; which we ended up finding a great free spot at a local golf course.

It had been years since I actually sat and watched an air show; it didn't take long for me to turn into a big kid pointing and gawking at the planes as they flew low and fast overhead.

As you can tell from the photos, some of us (the boys) where more into the show than others (the ladies).

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Hunters & Gatherers

Of all weather conditions, wind is my greatest foe.  With wind, you can't control it - you can only hope to contain it.  That being said, momma had planned a pre-Easter egg hunting adventure with some friends of ours.  We had planned to do it at a local park; however, the wind had other plans.  Fearful our eggs and picnic supplies might end up in Louisiana due to the 30+ mph winds, the Hedgpeth's offered up their house and backyard as a back up plan. 

Funny how things always work themselves out.  Their backyard was fantastic for the hunters.  No wind.  Green grass.  Room for confetti egg baseball.  And at the end of the hunting, a nice covered patio that allowed us to catch up and enjoy the moment. 

Thanks Michael and Annie for the shelter.

Armed & Ready


Good Ol' South

A staple for any Fort Worth resident is Ol' South Pancake House. We have gone here as long as I can remember and it is still the same (as well as the same furniture and carpet) as I remember as a kid.

Many, many mornings spent sipping hot chocolate (with a fairly large glob of whip cream) and shoveling Pigs-in-a-Blanket into my pie hole.

Glad to see my kiddos agree that the best way to start a weekend is to overload on some pancakes after an overnight stay with Boo & Pops.

Magnetic Artistry

After dropping Momma off at the airport this morning for her business trip to New Jersey, she had a sussy (our word for surprise) waiting for the kids when we got back to the house - paintable magnets and candy.

So basically, she spikes the kids full of sugar and messy arts & crafts and then takes off...thanks momma.

For Record Keeping

Latest stats on our two offspring:

     Weight:  27.6 lbs.
     Height:  34-3/4 inches

     Weight:  47.8 lbs.
     Height:  44 inches

Both still have all appendages attached and in good health.  Growing like weeds and have the attitudes to go along with their growth.

Casting At Dusk


Fishing For His Pleasure

Jaxson has the patience of a four year old...which works well since he is four years old.

He tends to give in quickly if things don't go his way.  So to me, fishing would be the last activity he would take interest too; however, since being introduced to his first fishing rod last week that is all he has asked or talked about.

A Friday evening dinner with the Dunaway's in Southlake led us to the small fishing pond in the neighborhood.  After a quick refresher course from Tommy, Jaxson was all over it.  To my amazement, failure after failure, he kept trying again and again.  He tended to hit the dock or the bank more than he it the pond itself, but he never gave up and in the end he got his feel for casting.

I see many more evening and early morning trips to some fishing holes in our future.