Sometimes curiosity can get you in a predicament you wish you hadn't been forced to face. But, like the wise men always say, "What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger."

It started with just a glance, looking down the slide seeing where it would take him.

This is how it ended.

More Snapshots From Tillery


The Shirt Says It All


Scenes From Tillery

As much as it would be nice to have some cold winter days where we can bundle up next to a fire with some blankets and stick in a movie, and just waste the day away; you don't see me complaining about 60+ degree days on the weekends. That's why we love Texas.

With days like we have had lately, the only sensible place to end up is the park.

Times have changed.

The great thing about parks, are the people. Eveyone is happy to be there so the feeling is always pleasant and relaxed, and your community shows it's true colors.

A couple of ladies had some sort of bubble contraption and were entertaining all the kids, and unshelfishly sharing their time with the group; and also made for some great snapshots.

Look's Like Somebody Is Sleepy


Black, White, and Green All Over

Just lounging around the house on a Friday evening in our new pajamas reading the Fort Worth Weekly, isn't this what all kids do??

Meet You At The 19th Hole.

Looks like somebody is ready to hit the fairways...

Reading the green and lining up the putt...

From the look on his face, he must have missed the putt.

"In the Navy..."

With families being scattered across the country, it is always a pleasure to have members of Jaxson's extended family to stop by for an impromptu visit.

Great Uncle David, an admiral in our US Navy, was in town for business and stopped by for a short visit before heading off to dinner. David is a true gentleman, and it makes me feel honored to know him and know that he keeps us and our families safe on a daily basis.

Great to see you David, and Jaxson REALLY appreciates you showing him how the blinds work.

Houdini Would Be Jealous

It seems I busted Jaxson on his secret way of disappearing.

Not sure what his stage name will be when he goes on the road, perhaps "The Great Bambino," oh wait, I think somebody else has that.

Any suggestions on stage names would be appreciated, maybe Robyn can start making a costume for him...


This entry marks #300 since I began Crayons and Keyboards on August 24, 2006 . Not to shabby.

To mark the event, Jaxson has become a multi-blogger.

Christian, Beckett's Papa, has an incredible blog that not only brings attention to education design, the goings-on in the world of education, and learning environments - it is also a blog that explores his child's daily living and learning.

With that being said, Jaxson is now part of the think:lab world by being posted as part of a blog entry that I am sure will not only bring on some great conversations about digital learning and the advances our children have made in the digital age - but I think it may also bring some smiles to faces around the neighborhood, the country, and possibly the globe.

Thanks for the post C, the little one enjoys being a king-pin.

Wii Are Family

I'm in trouble, I think.

Tonight I had a revelation. My kid is a freaking genius. He copies my movements and actions, he knows what we are saying when we talk to him, and he is smarter than the average bear.

Examples, from just tonight, that support my fear.

Exhibit A: A couple of screws came loose on our computer desk, so I went and got my handy Phillips screwdriver from the kitchen, came back to our room, and proceeded to tighten the screws on the bottom side of the desk. I casually sat the screwdriver down, turned my back; when I turned back around Jaxson was under the computer desk trying to tighten the rest of the screws.

Possible future engineer or possible future handyman??

Exhibit B: As I was typing the intro to this blog entry, Robyn said, and I quote, "Jaxson, go get me your cup so we can get you some milk so you can go to bed." What does the Bambino do?? He walks over, picks up his cup and takes it to Robyn.

Yet again, he knows what we are saying. Scary.

Exhibit C: We got a Nintendo Wii for Christmas. Yes, two grown adults with a child got a video game system for Christmas. (Everyone should get one by the way, they are freaking great). On the Wii there is a bowling game, and we tend to get a few frames in a few times a week while the kid watches. That leads me to the final and be amazed.

Possible future athlete or possible future "gaming geek."

It really is humbling and amazing when you watch your children grow, and the amount of physical and emotional changes that occur week-to-week. Every kid eventually becomes an adult, but the transformation is one that will always be a wonder.

So, from now on, I really do need to watch what I say because the 7 Sacred Words that I all to often say, will soon be coming out of someone's mouth that should not be talking like George Carlin.

Kids Will Be Kids


Art For The Sake Of Art

Jaxson enjoys the children's artwork at Tillery Park, all created and designed by local Fort Worth children. Very cool.

Just A Day At The Park

Beckett's Papa was kind enough to invite Jaxson and I to join him and a few friends out at Tillery Park to enjoy yet another beautiful day in Fort Worth; Robyn had to work, so the boys had to fly as a duet today.

Strother, Beckett, and Jaxson seemed like the Three Musketeers as they weaved in and out of the many walkways and kid-sized passages at Tillery Park; which is an absolutely gem of a park in the TCU area of Fort Worth.

Strother's mom and dad, Blythe and Darin, were kind enough to supply us with bagels, cinnamon rolls, and a few quiche's while the kids played and enjoyed the late morning sunshine. The boys are all within one month of each other, as far as age, and the varying personalities and levels of development was an enjoyment that only parents could truly appreciate and understand. Interaction seemed as natural as could be, and we wondered if Beckett and Jaxson remember each other from their days of napping and enjoying Thursday night dinners with Momma and Papa Long.

Leaf Me Alone

With the local temperature pushing 80 today, and Booger and Cody-Man staying with us for the afternoon; we couldn't think of a better way to kill some time than to get all the leaves together in the front yard - and let kids be kids.

God must have intended on kids jumping into leaves one day, because they work perfect as a cushion between the kiddos body and the hard ground.

It took a minute for Jax to get warmed-up to the idea, but Jaycee and Cody jumped right in without testing the waters first.



Cowboy Moments

Having a deep conversation about the Cowboy's sad day.

Stuck between two Redskin fans....poor kid.

The Fly


Let It Be


Hopefully Not Foreshadowing


The only bars I hope you are ever behind are the ones with beer taps and cute bartenders.

Jax and His Uncles


Jax with Uncle Casey

Jax and Uncle Peebs Enjoying Frederick

New Year's Weekend in Maryland

Maryland has become Jaxson's home away from home over the last six months. With three trips over that time period, he is becoming all too familiar with plane trips that take him northeast.

Some trips have been smoother than others, as far as plane rides go; but all-in-all this was a great trip to see both Uncle Casey and Uncle Peeb's (Michael) and their lovely wife and now fiancee; more on that later.

After we landed Saturday morning, we headed north from BWI Airport to Frederick, Maryland to unload our baggage and head for lunch. Downtown Frederick is a great little spot. Extremely pedestrian friendly with storefront shops, cafes, and pedestrian walkways that meander around a small creek and in and out of old buildings from days gone by. We found a great little dive restaurant and bar called Bentz Street Sports Bar. Being the only group in the restaurant at the time, it gave us plenty of freedom to have a few cold brewski's and catch up on old times and new times yet to come. A little FYI, if you ever happen to find yourself in Bentz, order the Old Bay Wings - very nice.

Sunday was all about football. We were all looking forward to watching the Cowboys trump the Redskins while we were in enemy territory - but as we all know by now, that didn't happen. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously none-the-less.

One other small event happened on Sunday - Michael asked his lovely girlfriend of 5 years to be his wife. In only the way that fits Michael and Kristin. As the group (including all the Coon's, Jaxson, two of Kristin's brothers, her mom and dad, Casey's wife Sam, Robyn and myself) enjoyed some light afternoon snacks and good conversation, Tex (Michael and Kristin's dog) wondered into the room with a ribbon around his neck and something mysteriously hanging from the ribbon. As Kristin leans over curiously and begins examining the box, Michael takes it from her and gets down on one knee. To our delight, Kristin joined the family with a simple, "Yes."

With such a busy and emotional day on Sunday, Monday was all about just hanging and waiting for Father Time to exit the year and welcome in a new year. After lounging around for most of the day,we headed to dinner at Rio Grande Cafe before heading home for the midnight ball dropping. To be honest, some of us were in bed by 12:05am, so not much to discuss with the ringing in of the new year.

Tuesday we headed home. A little post Christmas shopping in the morning, followed up with some lunch, then off to BWI to head home. The flight home was a little rough, not turbulence wise or the act of flying itself; but actually a puppet show gone horribly wrong....

Jaxson wasn't feeling the nap time session he usually does on a flight; so, to pass some time Robyn thought it would be good to use the air-sickness bad as an impromptu hand puppet, which worked wonders. To much "wonder" is bad sometimes, and Jaxson started laughing so hard he began bringing his snacks of Goldfish and granola bars back to the surface. And being the great dad I am, I sacrificed by body and tried to catch most of the ABC food (Already Been Chewed). So for about the last 90 minutes of so of the flight, I had the joy of smelling that great smell that my boy bestowed upon me.
Kind of ironic if you think about it. I didn't have the airsickness bag to catch the "goods" because Robyn was using it as the puppet which made Jaxson sick. Damn Murphy's Law.

Like I said, most of the trip was excellent and we will be headed back that direction in October for the wedding - looking forward to it.