Part of the Squad

In the ongoing search for something that the kids will latch on to and join, Miss AB went to a local cheer camp to test out her cheer leading skills.

The review was mixed.  Shy at first, then she got into it, then she did her enthusiasm.

Flipping Out

Last gymnastics session for Miss AB was this week.  The season started out rough; she didn't want to go, she did want to go...but it ended well.  

She wants to do more, so we'll try and keep the ball rolling.

We Got Crabs.

Unofficial start of summer begins with the first crab fest of the season.  Some hot crabs, some steamed clams, a few ears of corn, and lots of cold beer make for a good Memorial Day celebration.

First Swim Of The Season.

It was indoors and at a hotel, but summer is finally freaking here! 

Drive-In and Chill-Out

First time ever at a drive-in movie theater (that I can remember) - we will be back.

Calm Before The Storm.

With multiple out of state trips planned in the next two months, we took a spontaneous trip to Winchester, VA for a night away with the just the four of us.  This is something we use to do a lot; pick up and get out of town for a night or two - mostly prior to kids.

It was a great little escape.  Never been to Winchester, VA and honestly didn't know what to expect - we were pleasantly surprised.  With a fantastic downtown, the local college supplies plenty of young folks with a good vibe.  Apparently, you need a minimum of one tattoo or odd body piercing to attend Shepherdstown University...

He's A Poet And He Knows It

Both kiddos have grown mentally by leaps-and-bounds this year.  Both of their teachers have challanged and pushed them out of their comfort zones - which is where you learn and change.

Jaxson's class had their poetry reading day.  They wrote their own poems and then read them in front of friends, family, peers, etc.  Proud beyond words to see him get up and do this - and actually enjoy it.  The kid has a creative side that is just begging to come out.

May I Have Your Attention Please...

Miss AB is shy; well, sometimes.

She is very shy at first glance, until she is comfortable with the people around her and her surroundings - then all hell breaks loose (much like myself).

AB's teacher sent Robyn this picture; AB is upfront of her class reading aloud a "book" she wrote recently.  Completely out of her ordinary self, but so happy to see her doing this.  Slowly breaking out of that shell.

Field Day Family Foto


Rita's - Post Field Day

How all days should end...

Fun Filled Field Day...

Hottest day of the year so far (a scorching 85*) and the school had their annual field day.  This was the first chance I had the opportunity to volunteer...God bless teachers.

First Carnival Of The Year

The kid's school hosted a "carnival" to end the week.  Either though no rides, clowns, or gypsies were around, it was still fun and raised some good money for the school.

We're still cleaning the color spray out the kids hair and off their scalp, it was a good way to start the weekend off right.

Monday Morning Done Right

Maybe one of the best starts to a work week.  An ass-kicking hike in Harper's Ferry with Robbie to start the week off right.


The ladies of the family attended a high school musical, Cats, put on by Mimi's high school students.

The little lady liked a few of the kitties.

Ground Support

The only thing more important then training properly for a run is having support.  Hands down, I have the best support team out there.

Couldn't do it without my team.