Whiskey Creek Golf Club; Hole #14; April 27, 2013

Now He's A Veteran Golfer

Two full rounds officially under his belt; small improvements being made in both his game and his etiquette on the course.

Good news; he knows how to drive a cart (with a little guidance from me).

May have found myself a caddy.

She's All Smiles


Nerf Wars

President Obama will never take these away from us...

Walking A Fine Line


All Natural



Milk Maids

I'm a sucker for any local small business, especially one that's located on a dairy that makes their own ice cream from the milk that was "milked" within walking distance of the ice cream counter.

I'm in.

Awarded Effort

No matter what the recognition, as a parent, it always makes you swell with pride when your child does good.  Be it school, athletics, showing good character, whatever it is - it makes all the tough days worth it.

Jaxson's school, over the entire school year, recognizes each child for something they have done well with in the classroom, athletics, or with their actions.  It's nice that they make the effort to showcase various talents, instead of just giving out generic "good-job" awards.

The Bambino received his award this quarter in Math...I'm still thinking this kid is headed towards engineering of some sort.  

Guess we can just wait and see.

Addie Goes To Washington

Robyn's childhood friend made the cross-county trip to come visit us for a long weekend.

We tried to squeeze four days of fun into two...I think we pulled it off.

Really glad she made the trip; always love visitors.

Blossoms Along The Basin

Spring finally decided to show it's freaking face.  

The weather cooperated (except for a little wind - notice the white caps in the picture) and we braved the traffic/people/nut-jobs to go see the cherry blossoms along the tidal basin in downtown Washington, D.C.

Two things I learned while wandering DC looking at trees with flowers on them:

A)  Don't ever do that again - shoot for a weekday next time.  Which is really hard to do because the blossoms are only at full-peak for 3-4 days, so a little luck is definitely involved.

B)  People get really excited/grumpy/pushy/camera-happy when they see a cherry blossom tree that is blooming like it is suppose to be doing.

For a quick history lesson on the blossoms (which is really interesting), click here.

Easter 2013 Happenings


Easter 2013 (Candid)