Boss Hog Bowl - Update

Neither related to the Bambino nor to Miss Annabelle, but I figured a few eyes around the country that scan this blog wouldn't mind these photos.

After a job site visit at Six Flags Over Texas, I decided to swing by the new Cowboy Stadium (yes, around here we capitalize those words to show respect), to see how progress is going.

Due to open in June, she is coming along nicely. Ignoring all the political, behind-the-scene, pull-the-wool-over-their-eyes tactics that Boss Hog (Jerry Jones) has pulled to make the stadium happen; it will be a great addition to Arlington and the surrounding areas. Commerce, developments, and just an overall improvement as to what was here before is good.

Not sure if I am sold on the design though. Seems too modern and "spacey" for me. I know they are trying to capture the "look" and "feel" of Texas Stadium with the white roof and general shape - but personally, I would have liked to seen something that tied-in better with it's neighbor, The Ballpark in Arlington.

Hopefully Annabelle Won't Come Via Mail...


Take Care Of Those That Take Care Of You

Finishing up Annabelle's room, Robyn has been addicted to Etsy. If you don't know about Etsy - check it out. Handmade items from sellers all around the country. Cool stuff. Some items you will pay more for what you would in a store - but your money is going to "small businesses" versus the corporate giants.

The packages arrived today and the seller threw a little surprise in for us. With the item we ordered, she also sent us a bonus piece with a handwritten note that said:

"Thank you for being my first Etsy buyer!"

A great gesture of thanks on her part a huge thank you from us.

There are still good people left in this world.

At Least It Doesn't Bark

Not sure if I am more disturbed by his imagination in making the toaster his "pet dog", or the fact that I tried to scratch the "dog's" belly and then asked it to rollover.

I guess we are both thankful he didn't make friends with the blender.

With All My Love

Took a few weeks longer than I had planned, but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. When you put your soul into a project it is humbling how it makes you feel.

While the little guy lay sleeping with a busted ear drum and feeling no pain with the pain killers the doctor gave him, I had a chance to wrap up the table project.

The most special moment - signing my name with a little note to my boy with a message only him and I will get to see.

Barack and Bambino

Amazing the history that is taking place in front of the Bambino, and he just oblivious to it all.

Great to be in position and in a country where the inauguration of a president, whether you like him or not, is a peaceful transition and our children can play and be kids - the way it should be.

Serious Train Ride


He'll Do Just Fine

In preparation for Miss Annabelle, the Bambino has taken a liking to a doll that we had around the house. Besides the obvious addition to the embarrassing slide show at his wedding, this photo tells alot about the little guy and his personality.

He is definitely a protector and looking forward to taking on leader role in the kid's world.

The Dawn of Change

Hours before the the inauguration begins, the power that today brings to all of us begins to sink in. I am not a huge political follower, but I stay in tuned enough to know what is happening and to have justifiable opinions. Today, for all of us, is an incredible day.

Don't let the media hype, the nay-sayers, or the political over saturation of the past few months let us forget what is really happening today. Forget republican vs. democrat, forget white vs. black, forget man vs. woman; but, remember what this really means.

50 years ago the events of today were all but a dream and a mystery to the majority of our nation.

Today it is happening.
Take a minute to break away from your daily routine and watch history, enjoy the moment, and be a part of something truly incredible.

One day, we will be the story tellers to our kids and grandkids. We will be responsible for passing along what really happened today. We will be the link between today and tomorrow.

Panties and Cheeks

Unfortunately, I had to work today. However, Robyn and Bambino both got the day off and are enjoying some quality time together.

As I am diligently working and checking my email, I receive an email from Robyn. All the subject line says is "panties." I get excited.

Now, any man would be excited/nervous to see that come across their email; however, what was included in the email is not what I was expecting. Story and photo, via Robyn, are as follows:

This is hilarious. So Jaxson told me he wanted to wear his big-boy I took off his diaper and he told me "I do it, I do it."

He went to the bathroom and told me "go way." When he came out he said. "see mommy."

He had put on his HIMSELF...all but one cheek:

She's A Trooper

Twelve plus hours of coughing, projectile vomiting, sneezing, crying, gagging, sniffling - and then we finally get him to go to sleep, 2-1/2 hours later than normal.
We had to set up "camp" and momma volunteered to take first watch.

She's a rockstar.

The Way It Used To Be

Mid-January means one thing in Fort Worth - the annual Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.

The entire event was kicked off with thousands (no exaggeration) of horses, cowboys, and all that goes with it. Nice to see Fort Worth the way it was 100 years ago. Horses on Main Street, horse-drawn carriages, real cowboys and cowgirls, and little boys and girls enjoying the sites and sounds and just being in the moment.

We always had horses growing up. Not something that all boys can say at show-and-tell. Coming home from school and riding the horse, though not a routine by any means, was something that would occasionally happen.

So, seeing the excitement Jax gets from being close to horses is comforting to see.

Already Protecting His Sister

Two months until the scheduled arrival; yet, the little guy is already making sure his sister is treated the way she needs to be.

Lowe's was the spot, the paint aisle was the location, and he was making sure the paint mixer wasn't trying any thing funny behind the counter.

Wrapped In Love

Uncle "Bones" David and Aunt Sheryl made a much needed pit-stop on their cross country trek from California back to the Washington, D.C. area to their new home.
The Bambino has always connected well with Bones. I think the trip to the men's room with the automatic paper towel dispenser sealed the deal on this visit. Not the most environmentally friendly activity, but hey, it kept him occupied for a few minutes (Jaxson, not David) - and sometimes you just can't put a price on that.

Brunson Family Expands

A former fellow Aledo Bearcat, UTA Mav, and fellow blogger has just added another limb to the family tree.

Congrats to the Brunson family on their new baby girl. She's a cutie.

Seeing West & Clear From Here

I will toot my own horn at this one.

I have been a devoted West & Clear blog reader for over a year now. Multiple daily checks to see what is going on behind (and in front of) the scenes in-and-around Cowtown.

Well, the folks over at West & Clear were gracious enough (with their own ambition and no asking/begging from me) added Crayons & Keyboards to their list of 'Fort Worth Blogs.'

I guess the occasional post and link of and about some of Fort Worth's unique eateries/experiences/events justified them adding me.

Thanks to them and their crew.

So take a minute and check them out and comment - all bloggers love comments.

Parting Shot

Thanks to Christian for snagging this photo. Interesting to see if we can get the same pose in a year or so - both the background and the little guy will have changed dramatically by then.

Taking Shape

Finally, we are almost past the point of "construction" on the play table.

Though not exactly what I had envisioned when the project started, the table is slowly beginning to take a life of it's own. I like the clean lines, but there are a few things I would/will do different next time around.

Final sanding and painting should happen over the coming week.

Which Way To The Tour Bus?


Just Act Natural, They'll Never Know


Brunch w/ Fred and the Long Family

With momma pulling her occasional Sunday shift, the boys had way too much time on their hands and could only stare at our four walls for so long (cause you know when momma ain't around, we just don't know what to do with ourselves).

All else fails, eat.

Met the Longs at Fred's for some Sunday brunch. This isn't how your momma made brunch after church. This is brunch with a Bloody Mary and biscuits-and-gravy (known as the S.O.S) By noon, the place is kicking with families, singles, couples, and a few stragglers who look like they belong on the cover of Vogue instead of at Fred's - but the best part, everyone is welcome and the vibe is cool and relax.

Even had the luxury of the beautiful Texas sunshine to sit in the back and listen to some live music.

Curiosity In Motion


Bored and Juiced Up

What plans we did have for Saturday went out the window real quick when we awoke to handfuls (use your imagination) of vomit and a brutal cough at 5am. Blame it on the weather, the Cowboys, or what you may - but what ever it is it was rough on the little guy.

After a long day of attempted breathing treatments, medicine, and some good old TLC - we headed to Jamba Juice to inject some much needed vitamin C (and sugar) into the sick and weary.

Not sure if it helped, but it was much better than sitting around feeling bad.

Wrong Turn Somwhere?

The kiddo about jumped out of the car and chased down the "rocket" himself.

Tool Time

Figured Jax could lend me a big helping hand on building his table. I guess all my mistakes, slow progress, and imperfections can now be blamed on the toddler with the hammer.

Building The Table And Dreaming

In the good old days, the man of the household did things for his children that lasted generations. Homemade toys, furniture, and accessories were the norm.

Times have changed, and it is much easier and sometimes cheaper just to run to your local big box retailer and pick up the furniture your kiddo needs.Besides being overpriced and sometime very poorly constructed and designed, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I want Jaxson to have a table that he can play on and store items underneath as well. Truthfully, I want (nned) it more than he does. My OCD kicks in and I am constantly picking his toys up from his floor and putting them away - just to do the same thing the next day. I believe the definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over, and expecting different results. I may fit that definition, no wait, I am that definition.

Something about the toys being physically off the ground makes it easier for me to cope with. With that being said, I started building the little guy a table this weekend. Progress is slow, but if it comes out the way I am hoping then this may become more routine than rare.

And besides, it is just so much cooler when it is homemade.

Same Spot, Different Rides

Almost 27 months has passed between the two photos, but the little guy in the picture is still my favorite. Taken in almost the identical spot at Trinity Park, different times of days, and two definitely different modes of transportation.

Family Moments


Chain Gang


Junk In His Trunk

Mid-80's, sunshine, and not much too do? Load up the kiddo's new bike's trunk with some bread and head to Trinity Park for fresh air and duck feeding.

Once you get the bread out of the trunk, you gotta use your best pithcing motion to get the goods our far enough. With this weather, he may be thinking spring training...