35 Years and Endless Love

A few days late, but I was holding out for the official article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

All our love, respect, and praises go to Boo and Pops.

Within those 35 years of married bliss; they raised, educated, and loved two boys that hope to be half the parents and role models that their parents were.

We all love you and send our best.

Scheduled Maintenance

Round two of the tubes went extremely smooth. The Bambino is a champ and had no issues with the doctors, nurses, or the surgery itself. However, he did have on issue. He didn't want to leave.
Happy to see things go smoothly. Even Curious George (Gigi) got into the act.

The Cat's Meow

The Bambino, Belle, and a few of their buddies caught a Friday night Cat's game and anxiously waited on the post game fireworks (which were incredible, especially for the cost of admission to the game).

All Cracked Up


Digging For Gold?

No gold here, just earthworms.  Auntie shows Jaxson the joy of dirt.

Lovely Little Ladies


Double The Love

All roads led us to Richmond over the weekend for the two newest family additions to finally meet.  Annabelle packed her southern charm before heading off to see her cousin, Gracelee.

Tiffany welcomed her first bundle of joy into the world a few weeks after Robyn welcomed her second, and it has taken us 2-1/2 months to finally break away and let the little ladies meet.

Incredible to see both  girls and to know that great times lay ahead for both, but those times can only unfold as the years go by.

Learning The Ropes

TJ and the Bambino set up base camp in the living room.  TJ earned his "Big Bro" merit badge over the weekend, showing Jaxson the ropes and being an absolute perfect host for Bambino.

Though they are 10+ years apart, TJ shows his flexibility by switching from adult interaction to being on the same level playing field with Jax.  No much more a dad could ask for then an older role model for the son to model themselves after.

Thanks for helping out TJ, you earned your gold star.

Such An Amateur, But With Potential

Gave the Bambino a quick lesson in camera operations and 10 minutes of 'freestyle' photo in the living room and these are some of his more abstract compositions.
He also posed both of his Gigi's (Curious George for those that don't speak Jaxsonese) on his blanket and told them to smile.  I think they went the "seriously-stuffed" direction instead.

Covered In S'mores

4 Days of unsuccessful and grueling potty-training can make any normal adult consider jumping of the nearest cliff.  Frustration is an understatement - but to counteract the last few days, we decided to stuff our selves with S'mores.

The frustration just melts away when he looks at you like this.

Damn, why do kids have to be so cute.

Two Month Stats

After two months, these are the official numbers.

Height: 24 inches

Weight: 12 lbs. 8 oz.

Percentile Ranking: 90% for both.

Cuteness Factor: 10 of 10.

Riding The Rails


Sleeping In The StockYyards


Blue-Eyed Beauty


Two Months In...

...and all is well for Miss Belle. Growing like a weed, but a healthy weed. As the days slowly trickle by, the slow transformations begin to take place. The eyes get wider, the features begin to surface, and the smiles start rolling in like a slow and steady wave.

Two months in...and she is better than ever.

To All The Mommas

Your impact in our lives are beyond physical measurements.

As mothers, you are our teachers, our disciplinarians, our caretakers, our bakers, our lunch-packers, our room cleaners, our personal cooks, our monster catchers, our story readers, our memory keepers, our gift-buyers, our midnight hour homework assistants, our therapists, our chauffeurs, and our friends.

But, most of all, you are our mothers and for that we will always be in debt to you.

Your personal sacrifices help to mold all of us into what we are today and what we will become, and for that we love you.

To all mothers, but especially mine, Happy Mother's Day.

Trio Of Emotions

Jaxson, Izzie, and Annabelle demonstrate the range of emotions kids can experience in a matter of seconds, in no particular order.

Because A Birdie Told Me So, Again

Keeping up with Jaxson for 2 years is no small task, but Birdie did and to this day Bambino still ask about Birdie and when we are within blocks of her house he ask if we can see Birdie.

So, it was a no brainer when we had to decide "school" for Annabelle.

Pure Freedom

Don't you wish you could stand in your backyard naked, and everyone would be okay with it?

Train Full Of Little Boy's Dreams


Wanderiing Lunch Guest

The wife and kids met me for a work day lunch at the greatest little unknown eating spot in Fort Worth - T&P Tavern and Grill, located in the original train depot on the bottom floor of the Texas & Pacific Lofts in downtown.

Great place for kids. Lots of room, all seating is outdoors (you will never feel like you are outdoors thanks in part to the large space and high ceilings), and everyone is in uber-relaxed mode.

Relaxed Is An Understatement

Clarice took Miss Annabelle to a new level of relaxation. I will have to pull this position out of my bag-of-tricks next time Belle isn't the sweet little angel she normally is.

Can somebody hold me like this?

Waiting On The Doctor

The process for the second round of tubes for Bambino's ears has begun.