To All The Mommas

Your impact in our lives are beyond physical measurements.

As mothers, you are our teachers, our disciplinarians, our caretakers, our bakers, our lunch-packers, our room cleaners, our personal cooks, our monster catchers, our story readers, our memory keepers, our gift-buyers, our midnight hour homework assistants, our therapists, our chauffeurs, and our friends.

But, most of all, you are our mothers and for that we will always be in debt to you.

Your personal sacrifices help to mold all of us into what we are today and what we will become, and for that we love you.

To all mothers, but especially mine, Happy Mother's Day.


Mom said...

Thanks Corebug....GREAT son's like you make a mom so proud. You are terrific....

The Sutherlands said...

U are so sweet! Thank you! Look forward to ur visit!!!