What Will Santa Bring This Year??


A Twinkle In His Eyes

The Sunday after Thanksgiving means one thing in our house. Christmas Decorations must go up. Every year it seems to get easier and easier, I learn what mistakes I made the previous year and learn little tricks to make it a much simpler process.

While Jaxson took his afternoon nap, Robyn and I knocked-out the decoration in a mere 2 hours. So, when the little man woke up, he caught his first glimpse of the magic of Christmas. This time a year ago, he was still to small to really notice the lights and to interact with his environment. But this year, daddy had the pleasure to sit back and simple watch the beauty of a child discovering Christmas.

Touch My Food, I Stab You.


Weekend of Family, Football, Food, and Fun

A huge "Thank You," to Chad, Jenn, Jaycee, and Cody for hosting us on Friday night. It was definitely a short and sweet trip to New Braunfels, but worth it in the end.

The dinner was tremendous (thanks Boo for the great sweet potatoes and Pops for the fried turkey), the football games were great to watch (much to the demise of the women) and the time was priceless.

Jax and Chad enjoying the pitiful Texas/Texas A&M game. Damn Aggies.

Deep Thoughts by Jaxson Wheat

Still showing pride, even after a defeat.

Boo with the grandkids.
Cody will be an actor some day, at this moment he is practicing his circa 1973 football coach. (notice the brown shorts with baby blue trim)

Turkey Sprinkled With Snow


Jaxson and Gracie enjoyed each other's company while dining on sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, ham, and a very small amount of turkey. Oh yes, and also a sprinkling of snow on Turkey Day (you have to look closely, but it's there).

Turkey Trotting

The tradition continued this year, as the entire family (both Wheat's and Coon's) headed to the westside of Fort Worth for the Turkey Trot. Unfortunately, Robyn had to work (T-Day was her holiday to work), but she was with us in spirit.
Jaxson wasn't too fond of turkey, the edible kind or the large one made of fabric that crossed his path at the starting line - don't worry Jax, I took care of him after you turned your back. (wink, wink)

Boo, Mimi, Papi, and Pops took care of Jax while I participated in the 10K (which I had a personal best of 49':42"), and the little guy was a trooper to say the least in the cold weather.


We turn our backs for 5 seconds, and this is where he ends up. Still not sure how he was so sly and stealth-like as he slipped into place.

One Step At A Time

Throughout my race, when times got tough and my body wanted to stop, the one thing that kept me going was knowing that my beautiful family was waiting for me at the finish line.

"Inspired" can barely begin to define how I felt step after step, knowing that the only way to see them, was to finish.

Robyn and Jaxson made the trip north with me to Tulsa, and that is the only way I would want it to be for my first of hopefully many marathons.

Thank you both for all the love and support, I truly could not have done it without you.

I love you.

Dear Daddy,

You are THE man!!! Today you ran your first marathon! I admire you so much! It takes such strength and discipline to accomplish such a huge goal! I am so lucky to have a Dad as great as you! You are the best role model a kid could ask for!

I am sorry I kept you up last night! Even on the night before your big event you were so helpful in taking good care of me.

I love you so much! YOU ROCK!!!!!



Jaxson (and Mommy)

Our Day Is Coming.....

The Little Bambino, as previously noted, will be walking in the very near future. It will be a wonderful moment, and piece of history that will undoubtedly change all of our lives. So, as a precursor to this occasion, I have decided to post some pictures of what lies ahead for us.

I have received two different emails, one from Robyn and one from a co-worker, both showing boys in all their glorious ways. If you have a son, know a son, or you are a son - you will truly appreciate these images. And I know for a fact, there every boy and/or man out there, has either tried one of these images or it has crossed their minds at least one time.

Down and Dirty

As adults, I think it good for us to head back to our childhood roots and play in some mud and muck. Since Jaxson has come along and as he entered the years of toddler-hood, I have begun to realize the older I get the more I want to be a kid again.

On Saturday, in honor of Veteran's day and wrapping up my training for the Route 66 Marathon, three friends and I ran in the Metroplex Marine Mud Run. (benefiting Toys for Tots).

What a blast. Here's the set-up. The race was a 10K, that included 15 separate obstacles that resembled marine's basic training camp. Mud pits that are waist deep, cargo net climbing, 30 foot wall climbing, bear crawling through elbow deep mud...a boy's dream.

Time wasn't an issue for us, we were there for the overall experience and the simple goal of just finishing with all our limbs still attached. Best part of the race, crossing the finish line and seeing the family waiting with American flag in hand and camera ready for the photo finish....

Late Night Happenings

Now into our fourth day of coughing and sneezing for Jaxson, last night was the worst by far. The cough would start and continue for 30 minutes or so, usually capped off by a session of gagging and the inevitable vomit. (Just what you all wanted to hear I am sure.)

Some of the greatest moments are times that are not planned, and just happen. Mr. Cough woke up last night about 10:30pm, coughing and wheezing - trying to work out the junk. I sat up with him, reading books, and passing the time. Then all hell broke loose and he got worse, so I woke up momma - that's what you do when you don't know what else to do. After a change of clothes, a cup of juice, and a warm bath; the worse part passed, but Jax wasn't ready to go back to bed, so he made a beeline for the door, pantless. Then he went pass the door. Then he went pass the door again, and again.....

Check YES or NO

Politics are not my strong suit by any means; however, I do try and stay informed on the major issues - especially in my community. I believe that if you have the privilege to vote, you should. We are lucky to have that opportunity in our country, therefore we should not take it lightly.

Jaxson had a cold today, and needed to stay home from school - so I had Mr. Mom duties. It all worked out well because it gave us the chance to head up to the elementary school down the street to cast our votes in this year's local elections. To be honest, a few items on the ballot were mysteries to me, but I did the best I could at deciphering the proposition explanations.

Part of being a successful parent, is showing your children that you have pride in your neighborhood, your surrounding communities, and your country. I know Jaxson didn't understand the signifigance, but today was hopefully just a small step in his long journey of growing up to be a leader and a successful individual.

My Boy Bleeds Blue and Silver


The boys once again made us proud last night, and it is hard to tell who enjoyed the game more - Jax or Papi.

Wall of Challanges

Saturday was the annual kids photo shoot for my firm. Every year all the kiddos gather together for a photo shoot to use in the next year's marketing brochures and various materials. Click here for last year's event.

With our firm wide trip to Colorado earlier this year, the marketing team decided to play off of that event and held the picture taking extravaganza at Summit Climbing Gym in Grapevine, TX. I have never been to an indoor rock climbing gym, I do have to say that it was a pretty rad little place. Various types of challenging walls, invert climbing angles, walls for adults, walls for kids - all these items made it a great place for the kids to run around.

It actually ended up being a pretty moving experience for me, seeing Jax stare up at the tallest walls and curious as to what is little mind was thinking. Saturday seemed like a foreshadowing in many ways to what will lie ahead for Jax. Throughout his life, he will face challenges, steep climbs, impossible looking odds; but, with support from the one's he loves and a helping hand in time of needs, those obstacles can be conquered and his life line will hold tight.

Who's Got Next?

Looks like someone is ready for countless nights at the college dorm playing Foosball and pondering life's great mysteries.