Late Night Happenings

Now into our fourth day of coughing and sneezing for Jaxson, last night was the worst by far. The cough would start and continue for 30 minutes or so, usually capped off by a session of gagging and the inevitable vomit. (Just what you all wanted to hear I am sure.)

Some of the greatest moments are times that are not planned, and just happen. Mr. Cough woke up last night about 10:30pm, coughing and wheezing - trying to work out the junk. I sat up with him, reading books, and passing the time. Then all hell broke loose and he got worse, so I woke up momma - that's what you do when you don't know what else to do. After a change of clothes, a cup of juice, and a warm bath; the worse part passed, but Jax wasn't ready to go back to bed, so he made a beeline for the door, pantless. Then he went pass the door. Then he went pass the door again, and again.....