Serious Carvers Only

Shit is real when you have multiple knives, spoons, and...a power drill.

No messing around in this house.

Fall In The Air


Marine Corps Marathon

The "Wall" is not a fun experience to go through.  It's the point in a race/run where you are drained.  Energy gone; both physically and mentally.  Every runner has hit; it's no if, but when.

That moment in a run can break you; but, when you remember why you are running, the second wind comes in with force.

This race was for the Marines; active, retired, fallen - it was for all Marines.  This race was also for my kids.  Part of why I run marathons, is to show my kids that anything is possible.  Not just by me, but all the people out pounding the pavement and pushing themselves.

I want them to look back one day and remember these days and to feel as though they can take on any challenge and climb over that wall.

Character Counts

Hey kids, if you want to make your parents REALLY proud, be a leader and show good character.

Jaxson did just that today.  He was selected by his teacher and classmates to receive the "Student of the Month" award for his "excellent character.

He was honored in front of the the entire third grade.  Part of his reward was sitting at the "special" table with Robyn and I...along with a Happy Meal - that will make any kid happy.

Sticky Art

This girl and her "decorating" and organizing...

A little gift from Boo (appropriate enough since it was Halloween goodies), and she is off and decorating...

Family Farm Fun

The kids are out of school...for who knows what this time.

A little family fun at Summer's farm.  Corn maze (made national news due to it being cut in Taylor Swift form), apple shooting guns, and just a day to enjoy some sunshine.

Apple Shooters

Give a kid an apple-shooting air cannon, and they smile.  Imagine that.  

The Wheels Have Come Off...

She hasn't mastered the bike without the training wheels off yet; however, there is progress.

Craziest part about it all, she randomly came up to me and asked to take them off and that she "wanted" a few bumps and bruises.

We will keep practicing, hopefully we can knock this out in a few days...updated to follow.

Tickle the Ivories

A few weeks in, and we can play Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star...

Change of Command

A visit to Patuxent River Naval Air Base for the Change of Command ceremony for Robyn's uncle as he retires from the navy and his relieved of his duties.

Cool toys all around that place...