Musical Minute

It was quick, but she played her first recital.

The boy in the house, wasn't feeling it and didn't play in front of the group.

None the less, happy to see my kiddos on the ivories; now if we can just keep them going...

STEM Night At School

Middletown hosted a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) night at the elementary school last night.  Beyond seeing their friends and teachers after hours, the kiddos were able to build bridges, penny boats, make playdough, and see some science experiments.  Overall, a good night...and God bless teachers - that many kids in one place makes my head hurt.

Upward 2016 - Jayhawks


Love Money

Nothing says love like a little cash-money.

Thanks Boo & Pops for sending the kids some love.

Dancing Duo

My little lady and I tore up the dance floor..."going out with our boots on"