The Little One's are Easily Amused.


Snow Day!!!!

What else do you do when you have been home all day and have white stuff outside and a new kiddo with you - bundle him up and take some pictures of course.....

Jaxson "enjoys" his first snow fall. It's small; but hey, we are in Texas and we will take what we can get.

"It's Begining to Look Alot Like Christmas..."

The lights are hung, the tree is up, the stockings are hung by the chimney with care; and even little Jaxson knows that Santa will soon be here.

What a cozy morning. Freezing temps outside, beautiful fire, lights twinkling; and best of all, the little bambino is alert enough to just lay back and enjoy the season with mom and dad.

Happy Turkey Day


To All - I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and thank you God for giving us Tony Romo!!!

Run Turkey Run.....

What a better way to prepare yourself for a day of indulging in turkey and sweet potato pie than running 6 miles for a good cause; and even better, getting the whole family involved and possibly starting a new tradition.

The whole family came out today to participate in the 2006 Fort Worth "Turkey Trot." God blessed us with an absolute beautiful morning to enjoy some sunshine and good company.

Running is a passion of mine, I don't have the opportunity to run as much as I would like to, but when I get the chance, I love hitting the pavement. To add to the joy of the day, the Little Bambino had his official First Race today. He finished the 5k, with momma in-tow, in a blistering 52 minutes. (there was walking involved, but I swear there was smoke coming from Jaxson's stroller tires).

Life Beyond Diapers and Chuppies

Isn't it funny, that when two people have a "grown up night-out," that they always get seated next to a table full of kiddos and one crying in the is funny that way.

Robyn and I had the chance to go out Friday night without the Little Bambino, and what a nice break it was. Thank you to Mimi and Papi for watching Jaxson for a few hours, while mom and dad enjoyed some time out alone. As much as I love my boy, it is always nice to have a few hours to ourselves without having to feed the beast or change a diaper. Refreshed and rejuvenated, we are ready to tackle life's ups and downs with our little buddy...

And on top of all that, Robyn had a girl's night out on Saturday night while "the boys" hung out with Boo and then watched more football than is almost humanly possible in one is good. Robyn got a well deserved break, which allowed Boo and I to have some quality time alone with Jax. He is to the point where he is beginning to interact with us, smile when he hears our voice, and laugh when he hears us laugh.....

These are moments that are truly unforgettable and these are the moments that make life sweet.

Thank You Sir, May I Have Another

He may be small, but he is tough. Jaxson had his two-month doctor appointment on Friday, and after 3 shots and an oral dose of medicine, the little man only cried for a few minutes. Good sign that the little man will be a strong man some day.

It is so amazing to watch Jaxson grow and change on a daily basis. Literally, from one day to the next, you can see small changes in his face, hands, legs, and even his mental compacity. We are blessed to have had such a healthy child, and a happy child at that.

As we entered the doctor's office, Robyn and I took a "gentlmen's bet" on Jaxson's new weight. I guessed 14 lbs. even, and Robbie guessed 13.3 lbs. Guess who was right.....
Warning: Inside Joke Ahead...

As the great Ben would say, "I know more about weight than you do b***h."

Be Creative, Please.

Last Christmas, I and a few co-workers were blessed with the task of planning the 2006 Christmas party for my company. We wanted something different, and something that all involved could walk away from feeling as though the Christmas spirit was present and that good deeds were done. Our idea was to host a silent art auction with paintings done by all the kids of the parents of Huckabee. The first ever Kids Art Day was held this past weekend at our office, and what a day it was.

Events like this make you so proud and excited to be a parent. I watched child after child let themselves go as they simply "created." The kids had no idea what to expect, but we tried to give them some themes to work from; but some decided to go their own route, which worked out beautifully.

The parents were able to spend a few hours with their little ones and were able to create art side-by-side as a family. Definitely a day to remember, and I hope there are many more like it in the future. Thanks to all who participated, it would not happen without you.

Nothing Says Family Like Picture Day

I know, I know; I haven't posted anything in almost 10 days, but life has been hectic and I have finally got some free time to reflect and post another entry - my own little therapy. (I think we all need therapy).

With the holidays just weeks away, it was picture time for all the grandkiddos this weekend. Big brother was in town with Booger and Cody-Man, so we all set out for pictures at the Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth. Beautiful setting, if only the little one's would only look in the same direction at one time - oh well, at least we got some good candid shots out of the ordeal.

Happy early Holidays to all, and I am sure we will have plenty of post of our "Little Buddy" in and elf costume in the weeks to come - stay tuned.

Beacuse a Birdie Told Me.

Today was the day, it was the little bambino's first day at "school." I can say he didn't jump out of bed and run to the front door with his lunch sack in one hand and an apple in the other for the teacher. He is more the "Come on, hit the snooze one more time," kinda guy.

He wore his cutest clothes and washed his hair extra good last night, just to make sure he isn't the smelly kid in class.

"Birdie" is Jaxson's "teacher" for the next few years. An absolute sweet lady who you can tell has a passion for the "little one's." When I dropped the little guy off this morning, she couldn't wait to get him out of his car seat so she could hold him for the first time. She assured me that the first few days can be rough for Jaxson, but he will adjust and be an angel in no time.

School Days Are Upon Us.

On the eve of Jaxson's first day at day care, and the emotions are running at full speed. I can not believe that eight weeks have already passed. It just does not seem possible.

Robbie is in the kitchen packing the little guys first sack lunch, nothing like some home cooking to make your first school day one for the ages.
Almost eight weeks ago, to the minute, I was sitting in this same exact seat typing a blog entry that was explaining that Robyn was in full labor and I need to sign-off so I can get her to the hospital.

Time flies when you are having fun.

As the little guy sets off to his next stage of life, all I can do is sit back and ponder what the rest of the "steps" will be like. His first day at pre-school, 3rd grade graduation, his first dance, first girlfriend, high school graduation, college, and maybe someday he will be sitting in a coffee shop with his hand size computer dictating what he his saying as he sends his first little one off to day-care. Sounds crazy to talk like that, but time truly does pass quickly when you are having the time of your life.
So, just remember Jaxson, always get in good with the teachers, they will help you when you need it most.

As the great Billy Madison once said, "I got my lunch packed right, got my shoes tied tight, hope I don't get in a fight....." Knock 'em dead little buddy, show them how special and lovable you are and don't break to many hearts on the first day - you gotta leave them wanting more.