Be Creative, Please.

Last Christmas, I and a few co-workers were blessed with the task of planning the 2006 Christmas party for my company. We wanted something different, and something that all involved could walk away from feeling as though the Christmas spirit was present and that good deeds were done. Our idea was to host a silent art auction with paintings done by all the kids of the parents of Huckabee. The first ever Kids Art Day was held this past weekend at our office, and what a day it was.

Events like this make you so proud and excited to be a parent. I watched child after child let themselves go as they simply "created." The kids had no idea what to expect, but we tried to give them some themes to work from; but some decided to go their own route, which worked out beautifully.

The parents were able to spend a few hours with their little ones and were able to create art side-by-side as a family. Definitely a day to remember, and I hope there are many more like it in the future. Thanks to all who participated, it would not happen without you.