Thank You Sir, May I Have Another

He may be small, but he is tough. Jaxson had his two-month doctor appointment on Friday, and after 3 shots and an oral dose of medicine, the little man only cried for a few minutes. Good sign that the little man will be a strong man some day.

It is so amazing to watch Jaxson grow and change on a daily basis. Literally, from one day to the next, you can see small changes in his face, hands, legs, and even his mental compacity. We are blessed to have had such a healthy child, and a happy child at that.

As we entered the doctor's office, Robyn and I took a "gentlmen's bet" on Jaxson's new weight. I guessed 14 lbs. even, and Robbie guessed 13.3 lbs. Guess who was right.....
Warning: Inside Joke Ahead...

As the great Ben would say, "I know more about weight than you do b***h."


Kippy said...

You guys made it through that first round of shots - and survived! I think I cried more than Jack did during that whole ordeal. I can't believe Jaxson's 2 months old already. What a precious little guy he is!