Sunday Morning Cartoons


Muffins, fruit, coffee, and Winnie. Life is good.

Window Framed


Typical Mechanic

Visiting the family in New Braunfels this weekend, the little guys had some car trouble with their race car. It seems Jaxson is playing the lead mechanic in this scenario. I have a feeling the conversation went something like this:

Cody: Well sir, the darn thing won't go forward anymore. I push the little red button like the grown-ups say, and it just sits here and spins the tires.

Jaxson: Mmmmm. Okay.

Cody: What do you suggest I do?

Jaxson: Initially looking at it. It seems you have a vertical barrier issue.

Cody: I don't speak mechanic, could you please say it in my terms.

Jaxson: You have a wall in front of you. Turn around and go the other way. I have a feeling that will work.

Cody: Okay, how much do I owe your for your time?

Jaxson: Six animal crackers, a sippy-cup of apple juice, and a box of raisins. And a good sweeping of the porch please.

Cody: Man, labor gets me every time.

Do I Look Smarter?


Testing Boo's reading glasses.

Benito's Is Good

Despite the chest rattling coughs from our little man, as he battles a cold, Friday we stopped in Benito's for dinner. Our original plan was to walk through the streets of the 'near southside' of Fort Worth and enjoy the annual Art Goggle; however, it was chilly with a nice breeze and the art scene was less than expected - so we did dinner and enjoyed some beers and rested before our busy weekend kicked-off.

Can't you just hear the fajitas sizzling...

At least the guy got a free balloon animal out of the evening.

On Magnolia Ave. - one of the cooler street scenes in FW.

Catching some live towns on the street.

Head Rush


When Tootsie Rolls Attack

Simple things make kids happy. Case in point:
We bought these massive 'body' pillows a few years back at Target on the clearance section. We brought them home, threw them in the guest room, and once in a blue moon we would pull them out. Not to sleep with, but to give more room for the piles of laundry we needed to fold.

Fast forward to today. The kiddo finds them. And the on slot begins. Pile-drivers, jumps from the top rope, 'the claw' - just an all out WWF Wrestlemania.

Back Forty

Amazing what you find when you look over your back fence. Three donkeys is not something you would typically see in the middle of a large metropolitan area - but this is Texas.

Jaxson wasn't sure what to think of them at first. But his cries to see them again tells me we have a true cowboy at heart.

Sweet Juniper's Thoughts

A parent must do everything in his power to protect a creature that must do everything in its own power to grow independent of him. You can't be The Man and still flip off The Man.

-Dutch, Sweet Juniper

To all the parents that read this blog; yes, even you. Click on the link above, read the latest entry, "Death To The Thing That You Become." It is lengthy, worth every syllable.

To all the non-parent readers. Read it too.

'Great' Shot

A great-grandpa watches over his great-grandson.

Playtime With Papi


Something About Boy's Hats


Naked Bongos


Ready For College

Seeing Jax in his Easter get-up brought on frightening thoughts of him headed of to some big college campus in the northeast. From the looks of the colors, it is either North Carolina or Duke.

This might be the look he has when he is trying to explain how exactly our new car ended up spray painted, turned over, then set on fire in the streets after his team won the national championship.

Furry Visitor?

Somebody left some evidence behind on Easter morning.

I'll Take Mine Scrambled Please


Talking With Boo, Texas Style


Sneaky Hands


Kite Flying In The Big Texas Sky

Living in 'the country' does have some great advantages. The one that climbed to the top today was the lack of trees.

Yes, trees are good if you want to build a tree house, rake leaves, get sap for your pancakes, or have some of that pesky stuff we call shade. But, if you want to fly a kite on Easter-Eve with your family while using the wind to your advantage versus cursing at the wind, no trees are good trees.

Moment Of Impact

Split-second before the egg came crashing down on my skull.

Head Strong


Easter Saturday

Easter-Eve was a cracking good time.

Hunting eggs like Elmer Fudd, telling your kid to 'go fly a kite' (and really meaning it), chomping down some burgers and links, and rounding it all off with an early visit from the Easter bunny.

Egg hunting was planned to go in phases. The youngest first, then working our way up the pecking order. However, that all went out the door quickly when the confetti eggs were discovered.

Get Your Own Popcorn, buddy...


"Mom, can you hold my popcorn so I can double-fist? Thanks."

Waiting For His Train To Come In


Water Torture?

Growing up, we would teach our cats/dogs to get off the furniture by shooting them with a water gun. Do you think it will work with my kiddo?

Chalk One Up For Fun

Chalk surfaced table + kid = creative, art-filled morning.

This all makes daddy happy.

She's Crafty

Robyn is the queen of creative ideas around the holidays. If it was up to me, the kid's Easter basket would consist of a plastic shopping bag from Target with some glitter spray paint for flare. My mind just doesn't think creatively when it comes to holiday 'stuff.'

So, turning a milk jug into an Easter basket would make for a great bonding moment between son and mom, right?

As most men do, I know because I am one, the little guy was more interested in making a mess with the cotton balls then he was with gluing them to the 'rabbit.'

At least momma enjoyed herself.

Early Easter Basket

What's better than an Easter basket from the Easter Bunny on Easter morning? How about an Easter basket via mail two days before Easter.

The little guy got his second gift in the past week from aunts and uncles. The latest being from Uncle Peebs and Aunt Kristin.

Gifts that just scream boy - water guns and a football. Yes sir.
Too bad his dad had more fun with the water guns than Jaxson did - boys will be boys.

The Guy On The Couch

I think we have all know at least one "Guy On The Couch."

Let's just hope he isn't practicing for the college years.

Designer's Eye.


Movin' Mavs

UTA, my alma mater, is Southland Conference Champs; headed to the NCAA tourney for first time in school history. I guess even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then.