At Home Bounce House

Cheap thrills are hard to come by sometimes, and when you do discover one, typically you come across it by mistake.

Case in point. Setting up for a good little family movie night, the living room floor is cleared and a semi-inflated air mattress is inserted as our point of rest. The Bambino, and all his glorious energy, decides to take a running leap while Miss Belle is just hanging waiting for the movie to begin.

Bingo...impromptu in-house-bounce-house. McGyver would be proud:

On Point At Chef Point

Kicking it at Chef Point, the gas station housed hole-in-wall restaurant, on Sunday after church with Boo and Pops.

If you haven't been or heard about Chef Point Cafe...GO!! You will not be disappointed, you will be very pleased and very full when you leave.

Success Is Spelt P-O-T-T-Y

Happiness comes in all packages.

The Bambino has crossed yet another crucial milestone of epic proportions.

No more damn diapers.

With his successful 'deployment' and completing his p-training over the weekend, he was awarded with a trip to Target to get any toy he wanted. We made him a promise that when he successfully pulls a full-load in the restroom, he would get his trip to Target. He made mom and dad REALLY happy when he picked out the $9 toy car-hauler.

This day has been a LONG time coming with MANY unsuccessful attempts. I am thinking (hoping and praying actually) that he has taken that next crucial step.

Love In The First Degree


What Is That Father?


Thank you Megan for the link.

A good reminder of what we should really value.

Kids Galore

Connor, Jaxson, Annabelle, and Gracie.

One for the ages.

In case you are wandering, Annabelle is not fallling over, she's doing yoga.

Circus Freaks Only, Not For Weak Of Heart

The definition of 'Circus' should read:

A group of individuals whose lone goal in life is to suck/ scam every last dime out of children's parents wallets. Also know as 'Greedy Punks'.

I am sure the $12 cotton candy (came with a hat) and the $9 lemonade (which my wonderful wife refused to buy-thank you dear) are the best ever - being the Ringling Brothers circus is the greatest show on earth, but the $22 plastic-spinning-light-up-and-break-two-weeks-from-now gadget was crossing the line (which my wife also refused to buy, even though it sent my oldest into a fury rarely seen in these parts).

Hey, at least he got to see some tigers.


This will put a smile on even the toughest of the toughest.

Gotta give momma the credit for snagging this photo. Nice work.

Gigi and The Kids


Serious Summer

Moments before we got her in the water to cool off - she was much happier once the little toes hit the water.

Loving Lake Life


Story Time

Not yet hit the 3 year mark, and he is a natural teacher.
This is a good sign of things to come, I hope.



Lounging Lady


Keep Your Eye On The Fruit


Diggin The Summer Evening

Pool + Watermelons = Happy Kids

Thanks again to Sawyer's grandparents for hosting us on an impromptu pool-outing /cookout.

Seconds Please.


Ladies Of The Day


Boys Of Summer


Sunshine, Scooters, Stories, and Some Tea

Gracie celebrated her 3rd birthday with a swim party in the morning, followed by a family party at her house.
Gracie and Jax play like long time friends each time they see each other; doesn't matter if it has been days, weeks, or months since they have seen one another - once they see each other it is as though they never missed a beat.

A true gentlemen never turns down a drink from a lady, or a little book study, or even a nice ride around the neighborhood in the car. Gotta take care of the ladies.

Just His Girl Next Door


Delicate, Like A Lady


The little lady sat down with us for her first 'real' dinner. A little brown rice cereal with a side of mush bananas - sounds very appetizing doesn't it.
At least now her and her brother can sit down and discuss the day over a bowl of cereal.

Bedtime Stories

These are the small moments that make all those long days, late nights, and stress-filled periods worth every minute.

Waiting For Her Morning "Juice"