At Home Bounce House

Cheap thrills are hard to come by sometimes, and when you do discover one, typically you come across it by mistake.

Case in point. Setting up for a good little family movie night, the living room floor is cleared and a semi-inflated air mattress is inserted as our point of rest. The Bambino, and all his glorious energy, decides to take a running leap while Miss Belle is just hanging waiting for the movie to begin.

Bingo...impromptu in-house-bounce-house. McGyver would be proud:


eric and nikki scott said...

i think if daddy had been the only one home, that would have gone on for a lot longer...i could tell mommy was getting nervous!!!

Alicia Brunson said...

Bryson does the exact same thing to Macie, that and he runs and jumps over her....she thinks it's hysterical and I do the same thing as Robyn!