Delicate, Like A Lady


The little lady sat down with us for her first 'real' dinner. A little brown rice cereal with a side of mush bananas - sounds very appetizing doesn't it.
At least now her and her brother can sit down and discuss the day over a bowl of cereal.


The Sutherlands said...

So cute!!!

Hey, Robyn, CUTE shirt!!!!!

That brown rice is yum- o!!

Gracelee will start fruits in 2 weeks, following Annabelle all the way! Yay!!! Momma loves the bananas... weird I know! = )

Love ya'll!!!

Bex/Berks' Papa said...

We're hitting this culinary landmark with you guys! Rice mush cereal is everywhere...and we can't stop laughing as we *try* to figure out how to get it into Berkeley's mouth. Your little gal looks much more elegant than ours; perhaps you can do a How-to video for us? (wink)