Keep Rockin' In The Free World


A Moment


Social Santa


Lights Galore

A local summer time theme park puts on one heck of a light show that is synchronized to music as you drive through the park. Once you get over the possible epilepsy attacks, it's pretty freaking cool.


Once you finish the drive-thru, you head inside for a Santa visit and free hot chocolate.  For $25 per carload, not a bad deal at all.  Keeps me and the kids entertained for a few hours.

Gone Fishin'


More Elfis Happenings

This guy is crazy fun! Here is what he has been up to the last few nights...
A Zipline in the living room,
Switched our stocking with our underwear..(OMG! He was in big trouble for that one),
Hiding in the garland,
Decorated the living room and finally he took a shower after being with us for a couple weeks,
Some how he still smells like marshmellows and peppermints...

Robbie See, Robbie Do.


Thanks to pinterest and all you sharing crafties out there...We have a Christmas book Advent calendar this year, a felt Christmas tree for the kids to decorate and's great for the little bitties that come over...takes their attention away from the real tree with real ornaments.  And lastly for today we have our melty snowman cookies we made for some friends.  Love Christmas Time!...and love Pinterest!

Elfis Do-Nuts

Donuts and a note of apology from Elfis to make up for his shenanigans from the past few nights.  Curious where he got the small box and the even smaller donuts - I guess only an elf knows his secrets.

Dominoes Amongst Friends

Elfis and his crew threw down some dominoes while the house was quiet overnight; never to young or soft to get into the family game night.

Like Father, Like Elf

Seeing how things in life typically come full circle, I completely understand how and why our little Elfis decided to "wrap" the Christmas tree last night while the kiddos slept.
When I was your age, as the the wise old man begins his life lesson, I too had my occasional late-night, house-sneaking-out, mischievous adventures amongst the neighborhoods of my hometown.
At least Elfis had nice form and managed to get a roll of toilet paper up-and-over the bow on top of the tree.  Overall, he had a nice composition of paper vs. green.

Food For The Winter?

Apparently, Annabelle thinks we are going to be hitting a food crisis in the next few months because she is secretly stashing away some meat and cheese.

Not sure when she decided that rationing her food was the wave of the future.  You gotta give it to her though, at least she was smart enough to store the food in the refrigerator in her play kitchen.

I'm scared to think where else she has food stashed that we've yet to discover.  The funky smell in her room is beginning to make sense now.

Front Porch Sittin'


At The Farm


Searching For The One


Tree Huggers


Decorating Team

The weekend after Thanksgiving can only mean one thing for our household; dragging out all the Christmas decorations and putting the children to work - now if I could only get them to climb the ladder and hang the outside lights up; maybe next year.

Elfis Is In The Building

Our little Elfis (like Elvis, but as an elf) has let himself be known he is offically on watch. We've read the book to the kids, we briefed them on the do's and don'ts and we are set to roll.
Now, if I can just get over how freaking creepy having this guy around is going to be, the we will all be happy.
Curious, if just watches the kids or me as well; because, I may be in trouble.

Dirty Turkey

What started out as a friendly game of kickball and morning activity to make up for the fatness that will ensue later on; turned quickly into a muddy-free-for-all.

No one was safe, not even the women folk.

Cooking With Momma


Potty Presents

Milestone make us all happy; and when you youngest finally tops the hill and starts going in the "potty," it's a game changer. 

So...we buy her gifts.

Operation Christmas Child

Guest Post By Momma Robyn:

It's simple. You get a shoe box, you pick your age group and you fill the box. It was a good way to replace the "I want" in our house for a bit. It was fun for the kids and its a great opportunity to teach the them to have a giving heart. The US last year gave something like 85 MILLION boxes...that's AwEsOmE!