BMX Minus The Bike

Saturday morning, before the Bambino took a ride on the sick train, the boys discovered an abandoned BMX bike trail in Arlington. The boy took well to the track; however, I think he would have enjoyed it more if he had his Radio Flyer and a few Red Bulls.
He said he would name this trick later. It was too crazy for a name at that moment...

Thanks Doc.

A small gift from our pediatrician. Just one more reason why she is the best.

Healthy Girl

Three weeks in.
One-and-a-half pounds gained.
All vitals still good.
Happy parents.

Burn That Energy Kid.

Weather conditions were less than ideal yesterday for any outdoor activities, at least for a two week old baby and her 2-1/2 year old older brother; however, that same toddler is not content to sit inside and watch the latest episode of Explorer on NatGeo like his dad is - so an indoor activity that would allow him to burn up some stored energy was needed. And quick.

With Google and a few quick links, I discovered Abbey's Playtown in Grand Prairie, an indoor playground where the parents are free and the little ones are a small fee with unlimited playtime. Bounce houses, ball pits, miniature car tracks, a variety of play houses, and of course a Thomas the Train play set - the kid seemed to be in heaven.

Walking in the door, he headed straight for the Thomas play table - similiar to the one he has at HOME.

We did not drive 30 minutes for him to play on a freaking Thomas play table - we are here to burn energy kid, not to have fun!! So finally I got him to go into the bounce houses, germs pits (ball pits), and to find an occasional little friend along the way.

All in all, I give Abbey's seven out of ten golden stars. The price was right, a few more energy burning areas could be used, and they could definitely do away with the constant loud kids music - but after all it is a kids playground.

Bathtime Boogaloo

2+ weeks in, and Jaxson is still just head-over-heels with his little sister. The full impact of having a little sister is still way beyond his grasp, but I am ecstatic with how his has been with her so far. Helping to fetch diapers, burp rags, and even trying to feed her with his elbow - but that is a whole different story that we are still trying to get on camera.

We let him help us give Belle a bath, but I think he had more fun looking in the mirror than scrubbing her unmentionables.

Game For Gentlmen

To show his appreciation for Jacob and Esther always being there for him and being great friends to us, Jaxson decided to take Jacob out for a game of golf at the finest course in all of Texas, our backyard. Not sure who won, but I know Jacob scored major points with the Bambino.

Hours after Jacob had left, Bambino was asking where Jacob was so they could play more golf.

If Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Taco, Not A Bear.

She wasn't into the tacos at Fuzzy's Taco Shop like I was. She missed out.

But the Bambino enjoyed his smuggled-in McDonald's burger dipped in caramel (intended for his apples.) Who knows, maybe Fuzzy's will pick it up as their new special. Carmel Crusted a Taco Shop.

Generations Apart

Decades apart, yet they have a strong connection already.

Great grandfather shares a moment with his newest great grandchild.

In Full Swing


My Cow Girl


Pretty In Pink


House Rules.

Sometimes the eldest of the group must explain the way things work.

I am actually a little worried as to what he is telling her - surely not that their daddy is a push over and has a weakness for blue eyes and dimples.

Game Time. Hoop!!

The little lady experiences her first March Madness with daddy. I hope her bracket selections were a little more impressive than her daddy's.

Wrapped In Love


Loving Belle


Four Of A Kind


Plain White Tees

Daddy vs. Annabelle

The White Ninja


Friends Amongst Friends

The forgotten part about having a new member of the family is the amount of love and fellowship that comes from friends and family. A simple "How are you?" or a prepared dinner goes far beyond what the giver knows. Those small gestures make a world of difference in the days and weeks after the arrival of the newest family member.

As the weekend comes to an end and the reality of heading back to work comes closer to me, the occasional friend dropping by makes the the transition easier.

The Longs, with their soon-to-be new addition Berkley, stopped by with Beckett in tow to meet his possible future girlfriend. By the way, it would be an incredible climax if those two ended up being husband and wife - but that is a LONG time down the road. Time will tell.

The Hedgepeths stopped by with half of Whole Foods under their arms. BBQ, dried fruit, flowers, spiritual guidance books, hummus, small-brew root beer, and a pizza will make the up coming week much easier for us.

To all the friends who have sent well wishes, stopped by in person, sent their love, said their prayers, and to all those that plan to in the coming days and weeks - Thank You. We are humbled to have friends that care the way you do.

We can not say it enough, thank you.

Jax and Belle, Which is Which?

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Sunday Morning Cartoon Watching


Head Rest?


Pass The Baby

A surprise visit from my older brother and his family was a welcomed event tonight. Living south of San Antonio, their commute up to the DFW area is not a short or easy one. We had talked about Boo meeting them halfway and doing a kid hand-off for a few days, but we were not expecting mom and dad to join the crowd.

Great to see you guys, and we owe you big time for you making the trip north.

A Belated Birthday Wish

With all the hoopla the last few days with Belle making her arrival known, Pops and his birthday celebration were pushed back a few days.

Pops got the best gift of all on his birthday, a new granddaughter. We figured he wouldn't mind celebrating a few days later, because from now on we get to have a ginormous party each year for both Annabelle and Pops.

Happy Birthday Pops.

Ready For The Deep Snap


When Bows Attack


I Think They Will Do Just Fine


The Girls Together


Daddy's Little Girl


Annabelle Day Wheat

Stat Sheet:
Born March 11, 2009 at 2:59pm
Arlington, TX
7 lbs. 15oz.
19.5" long.

Ten Fingers, Ten Toes, and all the required parts came attached. No assembly required.

Momma was an absolute rock star and is recovering quickly and ready to be the mother of two. Once again, she shows me why she is the love of my life.

Being the father to two beautiful kids and a wife that makes me happy every day is humbling and a gift.

Thank you to everyone for your calls, visits, and multiple request for blog updates. They are all appreciated and we thank you. I posted as quickly as possible - due to a less than stellar connection via WiFi at the hospital.

It Has Begun

Last leaf collection session completed. First mow of the season in the books. And it is only the beginning of March. But at least I had help from the Bambino.



The Swedish Indian & The Dinner Club

Every Wednesday night, the Wheat's and two other families meet for good food, good drinks, good conversation, and even better company.

Picking up a tradition we started with the Long's when both wives were pregnant with kid #1, we decided to continue the tradition with some new friends of the Long's about a month ago - and Wednesday nights have quickly become a highlight of the week.

For the last few weeks we have had a special guest. Rishi, the physicist from India that lives in Switzerland and went to school at The University of Texas at Arlington (my alma mater) that works on the super collider for CERN blessed us with homemade Indian food. Not a bad resume.

The combination of spices and mixture of foods that don't typically pass through our American gums were a warm welcome.

The kiddos were able to enjoy each others company while the adults gorged. It was great.

Rishi - it has been a pleasure to meet you and the food was spectacular. Hopefully we can stay in touch via FaceBook and I know our paths will cross again at some point.