We Shall Name...


..Annabelle Day Wheat

Crazy, crazy, crazy how much in love I am with my little girl already.

I could not be happier. Having two boys would have been great and I would have loved every moment, but to have a little girl on my side is more than I could hope for. I have a boy and he helped me to learn the ropes, like any good wing-man would.

And now, oh brother, the challenge begins. To be a man with my boy and a daddy to my little girl. Sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation of the road ahead.

The little guy seemed to be pretty stoked to help us introduce Annabelle to the world.

Place Your Bets

Momma Wheat and I head to the doc on Thursday to find out what this little tyke really is. All betting windows are officially open.

I won't tell you where I placed my bets. A great gambler never gives away his secrets.

Quiet Moment With Momma


Baseball & Architects, Who'd Thunk It?

Closing out the 2008 Texas Society of Architects convention, the host chapter of AIA - Fort Worth held the party at LaGrave Field.

The Little Bambino found himself knuckle deep in free cotton candy.

Roasting Our Beans


Friends In The Night


In this small world, we came across the Hedgepeth's as we hung with the swingin' Texas Gypsies

Fountain of Youth


Just watching him makes you feel younger. Come on, I know you do. Admit it.

Swingin' The Night Away - Texas Style

Bob Wills is smiling somewhere.
Arlington is finally making the move towards being a more pedestrian, people friendly town. It has always been a great city with a touch of that small town feel, but it was missing something. With incredible changes coming in the near future, the city is setting the foundation for some incredible opportunities.
The recently opened Levitt Pavilion / Founder's Plaza in downtown Arlington is a gem. Hit the link for the background and story, easier than me telling it all to you. With free concerts 3-4 nights out of the week, March thru October, this little place is wonderful.

Jacob and Esther turned us on to the Levitt. They mentioned it to us a few months back, prior to the completion of construction, and we had the pleasure of joining them tonight to watch the Texas Gypsies. Good ol' fashion Texas swing music that would make the most stubborn of men tap their foot and get a little grin creeping onto their face. The kids loved it, the parents dug it, the weather was cool, friends and neighbors were plentiful, and the music was just perfect for the evening. Nice work Arlington.

First Things First

Before we move on to full blown knife carving of pumpkins, we figured we would take a shot with stick on foam decorations.

He's got potential, at least it got the pieces on the pumpkins.



Could not get the timing down perfect, but they were close.

Truck-Bed Boogie


Tub Time With Papi


A Family Affair


Nice family photo before the boys headed to Daryl K Memorial Stadium for the UT/Missouri game.

Show Me Them Teeth


Pole Dancing.


Chewing at Chuy's

Every time we head south towards Austin, there are two things we must do:

1. Stop and let momma shop at the outlets. She shops, she smiles, she likes me, we all go home happy.

2. Eat at Chuy's. It isn't the prettiest of restaurants, it is usually packed like a can of sardines, and the service is sometimes questionable; but, they have good cheap food and a nice variety of cervezas from south of the border, and it is just a fun place to relax after driving.

Could not have said it better myself.

Jax looks for what will please his tummy.

Cody-Man ponders which chip will soon meet their death.

Passing Time


Grant it, the 3-hour trip to Austin is not the most scenic or thrilling drive, but I still don't think it is enough time to master the art of crochet from Boo.

Most Important Step Of Them All

He may not have conquered all of the steps in the process, but he does have the most important step down: Always bring reading material. It can be a long, lonely, and quiet place. Apologies for the blurred photo, we had to act fast before he saw us.

The Party Is Over? I'm Outta Here.


Blowing In The Wind


Smiles and Sunshine


Watching Out For His Own Kind

Just one kiddo helping out another. A little cantaloupe goes a long way.

Kickin' It Old School Style

Being the ring bearer in Uncle Peebs and Kiki's wedding, gave the little guy an opportunity to do things his way without distracting from the beauty of the wedding.

Chuck Taylor, eat your heart out buddy.

Dizzy, Dizzy, Dizzy


Just A Nibble, Please


Hang In There Kid

One Uncle + One Dad + One Kid + Plant Hanger = Fun For All

Possible Career Option #2

Besides his fetish for airplanes, tractors are the other hot item around the house. The kid was in heaven when he realized their was a construction site within spitting distance of Uncle Casey's townhouse. Even happier when he talked Casey into walking him across the street for a closer glimpse.
Caught him on more than one occasion watching google-eyed from the second floor.

It Ain't Easy Being Green


Not sure what they put in that Old Bay Seasoning, but I think it affecting the kiddo's hands.


Just waiting his turn to board the plane and head towards Maryland.

The kid damn near jumped out of his shoes he was so excited to be at the airport after a week of mom asking him if he was ready to get on his "aeroplane."

Next time we need something to do, I may go find the nearest airstrip and park at the end and let the kid have at it. I could handle my boy being a pilot.

Party Like It's 1974

Full blown disco dress up with disco balls, Saturday Night Fever, and even some fondue like they did it back in the day.
Actually beating the 9pm bed time we usually end up giving into on the weekends (at least momma and Jax), we escaped and headed to a surprise party for Scott given to him by his soon-to-be momma wife Katy.
Momma and Dad made the 70's costume possible, but we rocked the kid out in a more grunged-out Slater from Dazed and Confused look.