Loving The LoveShack

I love three things in life: My family. My friends. Food.

Two out of three for lunch today is a good way to have lunch when I met Robyn and Annabelle at the new LoveShack So7 off of 7th Street on the west side of downtown Fort Worth.

The So7 LoveShack is the second burger joint for famous Fort Worth chef Tim Love. It is a low key, skin-and-bones burger joint. No frills, just good freaking food in a snazzy little setting.

Majority of the seating is outside and the restaurant is designed with kids in mind. Chalk is plentiful for the kids to write on the floor, walls, themselves - and the owners encourage this behaviour. There are also washer pits, bean bag toss, outdoor couches, and a small stage. Tim Love wanted the restaurant to be somewhere he could take his own kids and not receive any of those 'looks' that all us parents have received once or twice.

So, this is mine and Annabelle's official endorsing of LoveShack So7. Eat it. It's good.

All Smile Now, Not Always The Case

A weekend full of 100+ temperatures, and we aren't talking summer time Texas temperatures.

Miss Belle had her first real battle with sickness over the weekend. No sleep, up-and-down fever, and just plain not happy made for a tough weekend.

Hard to tell all that happened when you look at this picture from the doctor's office.

Nothing But Blue Eyes, Do I See


Practicing For Field Day

He may be 3+ years from his first field day, but this kid is already practicing. Never to early. Those other little punks are going to eat his dust.

Role Reversal

Just some normal left over laundry and Sunday night story time, except I think they switched roles this particular evening.
This isn't the first switch-a-roo he has pulled on us. He often ask Robyn to play Mrs. Monica (his teacher) or she has to play Jaxson, and he plays mommy - which can make night time kisses some what awkward.

Spidy Slide

Diggin' the late summer deals at Target on summer goods. A mere seven dollar purchas of a Spider-Man water slide kept Bambino occupied while we had a great little summer cook-out, with just the four of us.
Little moments go make big impacts.

Making His Rounds

With his girl-next-door (literally) turning the big 3 on Saturday, the carousel at the Parks was calling our name. Either I am getting old, or the carousel was on full-speed because I felt like I was in a washing machine with a mixture of circus music and carnival side-show acts. The kids love the continuous round-and-round motion, but I will take the bench on the sidelines anytime.

Reflections After Four Months In

One kid was easy. Two kids has opened up a whole new can of worms.

Just over four months ago, any quiet or down time in our household was gracefully dismissed and asked to leave from our lives with the addition of Miss Belle - but I wouldn't change it for anything.

It is always important, to me and my sanity, to take a few brief moments to reflect and embrace what the world has given you. As Robyn and Annabelle drift off to sleep together in our room and while the Bambino is still mumbling to himself in his bed as he drifts off to sleep, I thought this was the perfect time to reflect - the instant when the house goes from controlled chaos to near silence.

Before kids, life is about you. Even as a young married couple, a majority of an individuals life is focused on them and their school / career / immediate family. Then, as your family grows from two to three, you realize that you are now third in line and that what you do on a day-to-day basis will have an impact on future generations. Finally, when and if you hit the point of multiple children, you quickly realize that your life is now wrapped in a swaddle and tucked away into the hearts and eyes of your kids. The personality of one child differs from the other, and the realization that these small wonders, will one day be their own person and that you are here to shape their lives. Scary as that may be, it is a precious gift and a beautiful privilege.

The smallest moments are the biggest memories. The smallest worries end up being the most insignfigant. The small hands and feet become your foundation.

Late, Yes. But Never Forgotten

About a month ago, Mimi and Papi took on the challenge of taking Bambino with them to Maryland to see his uncles. Five nights away made for some awfully quiet nights around this house, and emphasized how much that little guy means to us. Sadly, I had forgotten all about the pictures that were passed along to us, but later is better than never.

I think we are still trying to break Jax out of his multiple days of being spoiled and treated like a king, but it is all worth it so the little guy could have some pure bonding time with his aunts and uncles.

Not sure if Robyn will ever let him out of her eyes for that long again, but the photos are evidence that the little guy was treated well.
Not sure if he is trying to pick Aunt KeKe's next paint scheme or studying flash cards...
Trying to steal a kiss from Aunt Sam
Stealing a kiss from Uncle Casey
Enjoying the view of Annapolis from the ferry.
Life lessons from Ronnie and Tony

Uncle Peebs and Jax in Frederick, MD

Sunday Sidewalk Sky Gazing


The T & P Delivers Again

Once again, my new favorite spot in FW delivers with a good breeze, great live music from Brad Thompson, Lone Star on special, and an overall good vibe - not to mention a few trains pulling into station for Bambino to enjoy.

Boo lets Miss Belle enjoy her own drink special for the evening.

Miss Belle was really digging the live music. You can just feel the excitement on her face.

The Painting Of The Toes

Miss Belle received her first (of many I am sure) pedicure from her momma. I gotta say, that little angel looks even sweeter with some rocking pink nail polish.

Our Super Heros On Our Day

Robyn and I celebrated 5 years of marriage by spending the first part of Friday at Six Flags in Arlington, trying to remain kids at heart as long as possible.

Other than the realization that we are almost to old for roller coasters, evident by our multiple moans and groans as we got off each ride (followed by a nick neck muscle strain of my dear wife - thanks to a more than rough roller coaster adventure), we did manage to find a sweet Superman cape for Bambino and a sweet Wonder Woman set-up for Annabelle.

My Little Lady With One Of My Boys

Jacob took part in the "passing of the baby." Micah and Bruce allowed us to intrude on their new house and pool while Adrienne is in town from Oregon.

Jacob not only stepped up to the plate once, but came back for seconds - does this mean the baby fever has bitten?? And from the looks of it, she looks like she is pretty snug and cozy. I guess Jacob just has a way with the ladies.

Ava & Belle Start A Friendship

With this meeting being their first, I think these two young ladies may soon become life long girlfriends like their mommas.

Stealing Hearts and Second Base

With the Kickety Splits taking our first victory of the summer WAKA Season, the kiddos got the chance to run the bases and show their skills.

The boys must have been a good-luck charm, since we took our first victory in decisive fashion, winning 6-2.
I may have to take Bambino and stick him on a key-chain and rub him for good luck.

Train Grilling Station

Of all the great little spots in Fort Worth, there is one that is quickly becoming our favorite spot to grab a bite to eat, a cold drink - all while allowing Jax to run around and not be glared at for being noisy.
With great food, outdoor covered seating, great selection of adult beverages, and a train station mere steps away, you just can't beat the combinations.

The T&P Tavern and Grill is one of the most unique spots in FW and possibly my new home away from home. (Click here to see previous post about T&P.)

Just Giddy As Can Be


One For The Books

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I Feel The Same Way


Taking In The Fireworks With Esther


Front & Center


A Fourth Full Of Family And Fireworks

What days like this are all about.

The girls.

Fireworks are good.

Sitting on the top bunk talking about life I am sure.

Special made gravel pit, by Boo.