Beacuse a Birdie Told Me.

Today was the day, it was the little bambino's first day at "school." I can say he didn't jump out of bed and run to the front door with his lunch sack in one hand and an apple in the other for the teacher. He is more the "Come on, hit the snooze one more time," kinda guy.

He wore his cutest clothes and washed his hair extra good last night, just to make sure he isn't the smelly kid in class.

"Birdie" is Jaxson's "teacher" for the next few years. An absolute sweet lady who you can tell has a passion for the "little one's." When I dropped the little guy off this morning, she couldn't wait to get him out of his car seat so she could hold him for the first time. She assured me that the first few days can be rough for Jaxson, but he will adjust and be an angel in no time.