Down and Dirty

As adults, I think it good for us to head back to our childhood roots and play in some mud and muck. Since Jaxson has come along and as he entered the years of toddler-hood, I have begun to realize the older I get the more I want to be a kid again.

On Saturday, in honor of Veteran's day and wrapping up my training for the Route 66 Marathon, three friends and I ran in the Metroplex Marine Mud Run. (benefiting Toys for Tots).

What a blast. Here's the set-up. The race was a 10K, that included 15 separate obstacles that resembled marine's basic training camp. Mud pits that are waist deep, cargo net climbing, 30 foot wall climbing, bear crawling through elbow deep mud...a boy's dream.

Time wasn't an issue for us, we were there for the overall experience and the simple goal of just finishing with all our limbs still attached. Best part of the race, crossing the finish line and seeing the family waiting with American flag in hand and camera ready for the photo finish....


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Dirty Harry's!