Dear Daddy,

You are THE man!!! Today you ran your first marathon! I admire you so much! It takes such strength and discipline to accomplish such a huge goal! I am so lucky to have a Dad as great as you! You are the best role model a kid could ask for!

I am sorry I kept you up last night! Even on the night before your big event you were so helpful in taking good care of me.

I love you so much! YOU ROCK!!!!!



Jaxson (and Mommy)


Jennjilla said...

We are proud of you, too, Corey! Way to go!

-Sean, Jenn and Sawyer

Anonymous said...

Great Job Corey!!!now...that was you time?


Anonymous said...

You're a superstar! What a huge accomplishment. Eat a little extra turkey on Thursday; you've earned it.