35 Years and Endless Love

A few days late, but I was holding out for the official article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

All our love, respect, and praises go to Boo and Pops.

Within those 35 years of married bliss; they raised, educated, and loved two boys that hope to be half the parents and role models that their parents were.

We all love you and send our best.


Jennjilla said...

Congrats! That is such a sweet story! :)

David Chambers said...

I never heard that story before - that is great. Congrats Uncles Gary and Aunt Sylvia!!!! Here is to another 35! Plus 35 on top of that!

Mom said...

Thanks Corey...you and Chad make us very proud. The both of you, along with the incredible families you now have of your own, are a true blessing to your dad and myself. We love you very much!!

Alicia Brunson said...

How sweet! Your parents are so cute!