Panties and Cheeks

Unfortunately, I had to work today. However, Robyn and Bambino both got the day off and are enjoying some quality time together.

As I am diligently working and checking my email, I receive an email from Robyn. All the subject line says is "panties." I get excited.

Now, any man would be excited/nervous to see that come across their email; however, what was included in the email is not what I was expecting. Story and photo, via Robyn, are as follows:

This is hilarious. So Jaxson told me he wanted to wear his big-boy I took off his diaper and he told me "I do it, I do it."

He went to the bathroom and told me "go way." When he came out he said. "see mommy."

He had put on his HIMSELF...all but one cheek:


Kippy said...

Sweet! Way to go Jax!

The Sutherlands said...

OMG!!!!!! He is so cute! I am glad that he is feeling better! We miss you, miss you, MISS YOU ALL!!!!!! Love you!

Jennjilla said...

And that one goes into the "show his future wife" pile for SURE! Sweet under-roo's, Jaxson! :)