The Dawn of Change

Hours before the the inauguration begins, the power that today brings to all of us begins to sink in. I am not a huge political follower, but I stay in tuned enough to know what is happening and to have justifiable opinions. Today, for all of us, is an incredible day.

Don't let the media hype, the nay-sayers, or the political over saturation of the past few months let us forget what is really happening today. Forget republican vs. democrat, forget white vs. black, forget man vs. woman; but, remember what this really means.

50 years ago the events of today were all but a dream and a mystery to the majority of our nation.

Today it is happening.
Take a minute to break away from your daily routine and watch history, enjoy the moment, and be a part of something truly incredible.

One day, we will be the story tellers to our kids and grandkids. We will be responsible for passing along what really happened today. We will be the link between today and tomorrow.


The Sutherlands said...

Amen and Amen!