Blossoms Along The Basin

Spring finally decided to show it's freaking face.  

The weather cooperated (except for a little wind - notice the white caps in the picture) and we braved the traffic/people/nut-jobs to go see the cherry blossoms along the tidal basin in downtown Washington, D.C.

Two things I learned while wandering DC looking at trees with flowers on them:

A)  Don't ever do that again - shoot for a weekday next time.  Which is really hard to do because the blossoms are only at full-peak for 3-4 days, so a little luck is definitely involved.

B)  People get really excited/grumpy/pushy/camera-happy when they see a cherry blossom tree that is blooming like it is suppose to be doing.

For a quick history lesson on the blossoms (which is really interesting), click here.