Theatrical Debut

In my younger days, I was in theater.  With multiple plays under my belt (and a few public screw ups as well on stage), I can appreciate the courage it takes to get up in front of a crowd and take part in a play - no matter how big or small your role, it is a nerve-racking experience.

Jaxson made his debut last night with his school's interpretation of The Wizard of Oz.  He had a few minor roles; he was a poppy flower and a citizen in the crowd.  No true speaking parts, but he does have a moment where he is up in front of the crowd and doing his thing.

He was (and still is) excited about the play.  After it was over, he said he was ready to do another and sad this one was done with.  So who knows where this can lead.


Boo's Basket said...

AWESOME !! So sorry we have to miss all these fun things !!