Tents & Tales


The weather around here has sucked lately.

If it isn't raining, it is windy.
If it isn't windy, than it is snowing.
If it isn't snowing, than it is raining.

Finally, the Gods gave us a break in the weather; and it was perfect timing for Tents & Tales at River Legacy Park in Arlington - one of the true gems of Arlington.

The concept was an overnight camping experience in the city. With our registration fee, we got a hot dog dinner, story time, arts & crafts, and a movie under the stars; however, we copped out and headed home about 8pm, before the movie started. We hadn't planned on camping, since he is still trying to get over a 2+ week cough - but we stayed until he was done.

Jax and I met a friend from his school and his mom. The openness and security of the park allowed the boys to run free while the parents unwound from the work week.

Pretty cool concept and the city did a great job in pulling it off - we will definitely be back next year with a group and sleeping bags.