Samson's Strength

With the mullet in full "party" mode, we finally broke down and attempted to cut Jaxson's hair. You noticed I said attempted, because cutting a one-year old's hair is about as easy as "Pinning the Tail on the Donkey" after a 12-pack of Buds and a game of twister. It ain't easy.

As soon as we managed to wrangle his arms down and stabled his head in a still position, for some reason he got curious why we had some sharp shiny objects so close to his head. I would like my son to have two ears when he grows up.

I don't think his strength is in his hair like Samson's, but you would have thought that we trying to take his ice cream away from him. Between all the motion and the crying, we managed to get about three cuts to the back of his head, and a straight line across the front. Not what I would call a "successful" haircut - but it is a start.

I think we will leave it up to the professionals next time.


Jennjilla said...

I think you guys did alright!!!

I don't think you should quit your day job, though...