Saturday Morning Special Please

It's not often that we have no plans for Saturday, but this weekend just happened to be one of those Saturday's. And, it never fails, by 6:ooam (yes, your reading that right) the entire family was awake and ready to get the day started. Not sure if it is Murphy's Law that wouldn't let us sleep in on a day of no honey-to-do's or any previous engagements, but we figured we would take advantage and not waste any daylight.

We loaded up the car and headed to Southern Recipes Grill, a great little eatery that we stumbled across a few weeks back in north Arlington. After finishing off a plate full of eggs, ham, hashbrowns, and a side of black coffee we loaded up for a long walk at River Legacy Park.

The sun was bright and the trail was all clear. We took after Forest Gump, and we started running (actually we walked) and just kept going. We spent a good part of the late morning hours wondering through the miles of trails that give you the opportunity to see some very nice scenery that you typically wouldn't expect in the middle of the hustle-and-bustle of city life.